The Platinum Crypto Academy

About Platinum Crypto Academy

Platinum Crypto Academy provides training to all individuals who wish to take advantage of the phenomenal opportunities that this digital currency revolution presents.

Platinum has been providing trading education for over 5 years and is perfectly poised to support you in your quest to becoming a Cryptonaire.

The success of Platinum Crypto Academy has derived from having a collective experience of over 40 years in the Financial Markets, and our perpetual goal to be the best educational resource available on Digital Currencies.

The Platinum Team, having all the experience and expertise in trading Digital Currencies since 2011, can provide 1st-class trading education for individuals wishing to learn how to profit from this incredibly lucrative industry.

The Platinum Crypto Academy should be the first step for anyone looking to enter the World of Digital Currencies.

“Our mission is to make Cryptocurrencies accessible and profitable for everyone.”

“Platinum Crypto Academy teaches technical analysis that I haven’t seen in anyone else offering. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of the Cryptocurrency market, and how to buy and sell in this up and coming industry.”

Gregory St Pierre

“Platinum Crypto Academy are so up to date with the current market, they are experts in the cryptocurrency domain and they teach it very well so that even beginners can understand. Everyone gets a personal mentor to guide them, great service. 10/10”

Tony Funell

“For a complete novice like me Platinum Crypto Academy has given me the confidence and understanding regarding transferring currency into bitcoin then into other coins. Also how to go about setting up an offline wallet.”

Mark McPeake

Why Choose The Platinum Crypto Academy to Support your Crypto Journey?

Being etched in the Financial World for over 10 years, The Platinum Team has provided trading education to 1,000’s of individuals all over the globe, with offices in the UK, USA, Australia, and India.

The Platinum Crypto Academy not only brings you 1-to-1 dedicated mentoring, but also provides members with powerful professional Market Analysis, and Trading Opportunities each week! We have a wealth of resources at our disposal, all aimed at making you as successful a Crypto Trader as you can be. This includes a fully-qualified team of Technical Analysts comprised of:

  • Crypto Technical Analysts
  • Crypto Fundamental Research Analysts
  • Financial Strategists
  • Risk Managers
  • Crypto News Analysts
  • Crypto Volume specialists


Stay up to date on the latest developments within the World of Cryptocurrencies with The Platinum Crypto Network:

What you'll receive:

Consistent Crypto-opportunities that you can profit from!
Pre-eminent reports on new Coins and Wallets!
Sudden up-coming shifts in Crypto Market Prices!
 Exclusive access to your first copy of Cryptonaire Weekly!
Each month one person has the chance to obtain an honorary Crypto-Scholarship!