The World Mobile Token

Increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their token sale

Case Study

World Mobile Token have used many outlets in the process of driving success for their token sale, highlighting brands like The Daily Hodl and Bitcoinist and many others.
After speaking with Platinum Crypto Academy World Mobile Token opted for the Business Accelerator plus package to help drive their engagement and sale results. This case study will unfold the steps we made to create an effective exposure campaign targeted directly at our Crypto Academy clients and subscribers that provided results World Mobile Token needed


The Company

More than half the world’s population remains unconnected, leading to poor healthcare, poor education and poverty. Legacy infrastructure is too expensive to reach rural areas and existing business models are outdated. World Mobile Token's mission is to build the world’s largest mobile network, delivering universal, affordable, high-quality connectivity throughout Africa and beyond by 2030, creating A better mobile network, owned and operated by its users. World Mobile Token was built using a novel combination of proven technologies including mesh networking, hybrid spectrum, renewable energy, and blockchain.

The Execution

Platinum Crypto Academy most comprehensive package is a 60days exposure service,we started work with World Mobile Token in June 2021 2 months before their capital raise officially ended. We started with our long-form content strategy to try to educate and build awareness around the value of their network and the concepts that make World Mobile Token unique and very compelling.

We created and designed Infographics, 1-page ads designs and email campaigns to support this educating and awareness boost.


1-page Ads


Email Campaigns


Cover Features


Without being too bold, results for this campaign work were nothing short of outstanding, so much so that after the first long-form content release in our weekly investor report 'Cryptonaire weekly' we were having calls with the business leads to discuss what more we can do.
World Mobile Token decided to opt for a cover purchase of our investor report for the following week registrations went through the roof and so we continued through the process.
By this time, we started to see a massive volume of traffic and engagement in the project from our clients and subscribers.

10 days before the end of the raise period World Mobile Token wanted a final push so we offered them a pop up on the homepage of our site and again another investor report cover, wow did it work. Targets for the raise have been achieved and the project will have a very bright future.

We will be working with World Mobile Token again and we look forward to providing the results they need.