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Cryptocurrency Exchange : CEX, DEX & Hybrids!

Everything You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency Exchange In The Market Today

Richard Baker   
Jul 12
Hi Crypto Network, A number of people in the past few weeks have asked me: What is the best Cryptocurrency Exchange available? The truth is, there isn’t a single Cryptocurrency Exchange that offers everything a Cryptocurrency Trader might need, but that might not be the case for much longer… Soon there might be a solution that provides the complete package, but until then, I would recommend that you schedule a call with myself, or one
Crypto Industry : THE NEXT BIG CRYPTO INDUSTRY_1 Crypto blog


Richard Baker   
Jul 02
Hi Crypto Network, First of all, I would like to congratulate all the teams that have made it through the group stages of the world cup! I’m sure after England’s game on Tuesday evening it will be so nail-biting that I won’t have a single fingernail left. Today’s crypto blog article is a continuation of last week’s topic, the next big crypto industry. My aim in this series is to not only provide thought-provoking content
gaming industry

The Next Big Crypto Gaming Industry – Gaming And Cryptos

Richard Baker   
Jun 25
Hi Crypto Network, What a wonderful few days it has been in the UK! I hope all of our UK readers have managed to spend some time away from your Blockfolios and enjoy this wonderful, and often rare, British weather! I have recently written about privacy coins, exchange coins, and my favourite coins under $1. Today I wanted to spend some time covering a Gaming Industry which is not only a sleeping giant in the
ICO investment


Richard Baker   
Jun 18
Hi Crypto Network, Thank you for all the great comments and feedback to my team about our last article on the Top 3 Altcoins under $1! It’s clear you are all interested in value and not just looking to Buy & Hodl for the long run. Before I get into the main topic of today’s ICO investment article, I wanted to spend a moment to share something I created last week and discussed on our
Altcoins - altcoin trader

Top Altcoins Under $1 Going To The Moon!

Richard Baker   
Jun 11
Hi Crypto Network, I hope you enjoyed our previous article on EOS vs ETH, with the market shifting and changing every week, it’s important to be updating and thinking about which coins you may be holding. With the market sitting at $314,923,725,497 as of writing this article on Sunday, June 10th, the crypto markets have seen a sharp drop today, in the wake of the news that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has