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Richard Baker   
Jun 18
Hi Crypto Network, Thank you for all the great comments and feedback to my team about our last article on the Top 3 Altcoins under $1! It’s clear you are all interested in value and not just looking to Buy & Hodl for the long run. Before I get into the main topic of today’s article, I wanted to spend a moment to share something I created last week and discussed on our weekly crypto-video
Top Altcoins Under $1 feature

Top Altcoins Under $1 Going To The Moon!

Richard Baker   
Jun 11
Hi Crypto Network, I hope you enjoyed our previous article on EOS vs ETH, with the market shifting and changing every week, it’s important to be updating and thinking about which coins you may be holding. With the market sitting at $314,923,725,497 as of writing this article on Sunday June 10th, the crypto markets have seen a sharp drop today, in the wake of the news that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has

Will EOS Overtake Ethereum

Richard Baker   
Jun 04
Hi Crypto Network, Today’s blog is a little different than normal, I want all of you to take a moment and look at your portfolio and consider whether with all the tech advances, are you updating and reassigning it according to developments in the market? One development that’s been widely covered over the past 10 days is the EOS Mainnet Launch. WILL EOS OVERTAKE ETHEREUM? IS YOUR PORTFOLIO READY? We all know the founder of
EOS-Privacy Coins Are They The Future of Crypto’s

Privacy Coins Are They The Future of Cryptos

Richard Baker   
May 29
Hi Crypto Network, I have received numerous messages with feedback from my followers and members within the Platinum cryptocurrency community that have provided me with outstanding input on how to make my blogs better! If you’re an avid crypto investor or trader and keep up to date with the crypto market, you’ll no doubt have seen that over the last few months there has been a lot of news on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Markets
altcoins-Which Crypto Altcoin to buy Next

TOP 3 Altcoins you need in your Portfolio

Richard Baker   
May 21
Cryptocurrency, in general, is starting to rise again, going closer to where it used to be in terms of price. Fellow hodlers and traders can finally rejoice again! Thank you again for your kind words and comments on our previous article on Banks and the blockchain, I truly believe the market is shifting and when you see HSBC, Santander, UBS, and the Bank of China making strong positive strides, this is a great indicator. Today,