3 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Books in 2019

People love making lists of best cryptocurrency trading books: “Top X books to learn trading cryptocurrency” (reality: “Amazon search results for cryptocurrency books with 4+ rating”) “X books every crypto trader should read” (reality: “Huge list of books by known crypto trading figures I’m pretending to read”) Any list of “classic” cryptocurrency investing books (reality: “Outdated books best used for filling the void on your shelves”)   Throwing 5, 10, or 30 book suggestions doesn’t


How to Quickly Read Candlestick Crypto Charts and Stop Wasting Your Time

Reading crypto charts is an important skill that you’ll need to learn as soon as possible in your trading career and business in order to be successful consistently. Not only does crypto charts analysis allow you to predict the price trend based on historical prices but it also supports the facts that you uncover from your fundamental analysis or recent news update.   Today’s focus will be on how to quickly read candlestick crypto charts


7 Proven Ways to Finding the Best Altcoins to Invest In

I took a call with a video marketing agency who wanted to partner with us. The founder wouldn’t stop talking about the company’s accomplishments. “We’ve made our clients a lot of money. We work with the best.” He wasn’t explaining how he could help us. He kept talking about himself. I was fishy about his approach, so I used my trick to identify liars. “Tell me about a time when your client didn’t get their


How to Trade Cryptocurrency in 2019: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

I still remember when I started getting serious about trading cryptocurrencies in 2014. Although I had some working knowledge of the crypto market, the truth is that I had no idea what I was doing. Previously, I had monkeyed around with Forex trading so I did have some trading experience but definitely not enough to seamlessly create a winning coin portfolio and execute a complex trading strategy. And overall my journey went pretty well. Sure,


What Altcoins to Buy: Top 3 Altcoins for Your Portfolio in 2019

Altcoins experienced many challenges in 2018. Many altcoins are struggling to rise after the bear run in 2018 that caused significant price drops. Optimistic traders believe that the solutions that these cryptocurrencies support are here to stay and so are cryptocurrencies. Recently, Bitcoin price fell below the $4,000 mark. Many perceive this as an opportunity to jump into the market. It’s important to understand that the digital assets industry is currently in its nascent state.

Three Cryptocurrency Trading Success Factors That Helped Me Grow My Trading Business

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster for my childhood friend Gary. The crypto market hasn’t exactly been kind on him. He started trading cryptocurrencies in November ’17 and relied solely on trading signals provided by his network. This fetched him decent profits in the first half of 2018 and he never really bothered looking beyond this. But the problem was just waiting round the corner: As the market became somewhat stable after mid-August, the

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9 Cryptocurrency Trading Terms That Every Trader Should Know

As a trader, every day we come across some terms that have become a part of our lingo. On top of that, traders are always creating some new acronym or misspelling their way to a new buzzword (here’s looking at you, HODL). It can all be a little overwhelming for those who are just stepping into crypto trading. In order to help you ease into the game, we’ve created a list of cryptocurrency trading terms


7 Little Changes to Foolproof Your Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy

Having a strategy or plan when trading is important for success and to manage your risks. You should always have a cryptocurrency trading strategy in place before you buy. Your trading strategy will dictate how you should proceed with a trade and what to do in any given situation. A good strategy will also help you keep your cool when emotions run high so that you don’t panic-sell at a dip and buy back at