Gain Protocol is a fully decentralized finance ecosystem that puts holders first. Through static rewards and massive sweepstakes opportunities, Gain Protocol puts the power in the hands of the people. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is growing at a breathtaking pace. In the sea of new projects and ICOs, finding quality projects

BeatBind is providing token holders and existing partners with updated information and the status of the project launch. BeatBind is the world’s first decentralized blockchain event organization and talent auction platform that will allow artists and venues to focus only on providing unforgettable experiences to their fanbase. We aim to

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a remarkable use case of revolutionary blockchain technology. While the idea has been there, NFTs shot to popularity in early 2021, with Beeple’s $69 million sales at Christie’s. That sale was a breakthrough, and the event grabbed the eyeballs of crypto-savvy investors from across the globe.

In this world of modern connectivity, World Mobile Token is going further than ever before. WMT is developing a technology mesh network using a hybrid spectrum, renewable energy, and blockchain. All transactions on the blockchain occur on the Earth Nodes, which are the heart of Word Mobile Network. Furthermore, the

Your chance to become a millionaire is here! Kai Ken Inu is soon going to set the crypto world on fire through its new ICO launch. With bigger, better, and stronger ICO features than ever before, it aims to create whales by rewarding holders generously. But what is Kai Ken

World Mobile Token Ltd, which is enabling a new global mobile network built on the sharing economy, announces the launch of its utility-based World Mobile Token (WMT) on the Cardano blockchain. The company aims to raise 40 million USD within the first five weeks of the public sale on top