Post-Pandemic with governments around the globe, shutting down colleges, schools, and business operations as part of the lockdown measure seems only too close again with 2nd wave talks and more localised lockdowns, to contain the coronavirus, nearly every sector has been severely impacted. Like every other field, the education segment

In this article, discover how the PIF platform is beneficial for building contractors. The existing property market has become highly risky, even as it is dealing with poor quality of listings, improper management, and transparency issues. However, PIF (Property Info File) intends to change the scenario for landlords, tenants, property

Those of you who are familiar with the Rowan Energy Project will know and appreciate the value of the Rowan Energy staking rewards in their vault feature. Recently it came to Rowan’s attention that the Rowan Vault was incorrectly calculating interest for the users utilising it. We have identified the

The accelerated growth and Bullish trends in Crypto along with the introduction of Defi protocols, has highlighted an urgent need for investors to seek out reliable ratings of the securities they are investing in. Savvy crypto traders and investors recognise their success in financial markets is highly dependent on accurate

Today’s Rowan Energy Press release is again nothing but amazing news, having been listed on Vindax and LAToken since the start of July this year, Rowan confirmed that from the 15th of September the RWN token will be fully tradeable on a third exchange, Probit. A token designed to reward

Introduction Blockchain, as a technology, is immensely capable of transforming the healthcare space, thus placing patients right on top of the ecosystem. Blockchain in healthcare can increase the security, interoperability, and privacy of medical data. It has the potential to offer a fresh model for the exchange of health information by