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Hi Crypto Network, Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee believes that the bear market in Bitcoin has ended. He arrived at this conclusion after monitoring 13 signs that suggest the crypto winter is over. On the other hand, analysts at JPMorgan Chase opined that after the current rally, Bitcoin is

Bitcoin/USD Technical Analysis

Hi Crypto Network, The rally in the crypto markets in the past week reminds us of the previous bull market. The pace of the rise, especially in Bitcoin has surprised us. After many months, the markets have started to take note of the positive fundamental developments and have responded accordingly.

Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

Hi Crypto Network, Platinum’s top aim is to help you secure and grow your wealth through multiple currency-related opportunities. Having been established in the financial space for well over a decade, and trading cryptocurrencies for a number of years, our mentors and analysts are the ideal options for anyone who

People love making lists of best cryptocurrency trading books: “Top X books to learn trading cryptocurrency” (reality: “Amazon search results for cryptocurrency books with 4+ rating”) “X books every crypto trader should read” (reality: “Huge list of books by known crypto trading figures I’m pretending to read”) Any list of

Reading crypto charts is an important skill that you’ll need to learn as soon as possible in your trading career and business in order to be successful consistently. Not only does crypto charts analysis allow you to predict the price trend based on historical prices but it also supports the

I took a call with a video marketing agency who wanted to partner with us. The founder wouldn’t stop talking about the company’s accomplishments. “We’ve made our clients a lot of money. We work with the best.” He wasn’t explaining how he could help us. He kept talking about himself.