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Fed looking at overnight lending – overnight lending to buy bonds and treasuries, FED injects of 53 billion into the market to help banks.

The FED is very clear they are printing more and more money, making $ less value affecting the majority of the population, trying to help prevent recessions and stimulate growth, It’s also occurring in Europe and pretty much everywhere else, this screams the need for an alternative. With the US borrowing, the most they ever have with other nations in major debt which clearly will never get repaid the question needs to be asked when will it stop! How much risk/value is there is holding capital in banks compared to alternative options.

ECB quantitative policy of 20 billion euros a month to banks to loan for insane fee’s. ECB is scrambling to prop up the eurozone. Banks are failing Deutsche Bank is a bit of a mess with 1000’s of people being let go recently.

BTC looks so attractive – with everything which is going on

I find it incredible how they scrutinise BTC and continually put roadblocks on the industry development, with continued passing a blind eye to the continued infringements from large institutions criminal actions. constant fines for the likes of JPMorgan and Co.

One really clear thing is pure development in the space, Coinbase launching IEO platform (keystone capital) + Binaince Futures + Binaince looking at CME market of futures

The oil crisis is this affecting BITCOIN? The recent attack on Saudi Arabian Oil infrastructure – political unrest has seen positive returns for BTC and Crypto and if things got progressively worse it’s a great opportunity as a hedge for global macroeconomic dysfunction.

Opens up the more important question of if there was a oil shortage or a some increased unrest how would this affect the economies things would be more explosive as the world economy is based on oil as much as we would like to push towards renewable this is clearly only a small % for now and having a countries across the world close to a recession this could just tip things over the edge.

Privacy coins getting hit hard OKEX I believed originally that these coins would be the final step to a total decentralised censored and anonymous monetary exchange however things seem to be going the other way with regulatory rules are clamping down.

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