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Today’s Crypto Market News covers the apparent technology war between China and The USA, DCEP VS FB or a USA back coin.

I examine the different political framework and how it’s very surprising out of the two that China is the one leading the way!

New Technology war Who will win

The pursuit of Bitcoin, blockchain, and digital asset superiority will become our generation’s Space Race according to many and the underlying technology of triple entry accounting is likely to lay the foundation for automation.

While a lot has happened in the 11 years since bitcoins conception nation-states are just now starting to pay attention.


it has to be noted that China and its national approach to work have been reported on numerous occasions to have a different attitude and mindset in contracts to most western cultures. Not to say one way is better than another but we all are aware of the focus and working hours that eastern cultures express on a working week this can only in my mind increase the lead that china is pushing in this space.

I also explore the direct contrast between what we have seen in the USA recently from the quotes and information this week released by the Chinese government.

At the heart of this issue is the US dollar. The United States has greatly benefitted from controlling the global reserve currency, including the ability to print money and weaponize the dollar against adversaries.

Having appreciated the different approaches from USA and China what opportunities does this create for Crypto Traders and Investors one opportunity with the given sentiment from China could be to focus or look at adding Asian based projects to your portfolio, I look at some of the top opportunities in ICON, NEO and Binance BNB coin.


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