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With the market dropping significantly over the last few days I take a look at options on how you can build wealth in the crypto space by utilising lending and borrowing services.

I want to start by ensuring everyone who views these video understands that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are self-sovereign money.
Although they are self-sovereign there are services around which offer very attractive options on interest if you utilise their accounts.
Generally, the market is based on speculating on price against the USD/GBP or other FIAT currencies, and the BTC value doesn’t change however as mentioned above there are now services which not only grow your BTC holdings but also benefit from the value increase on speculation.

For example:
For example currently if you are holding 10 BTC which you bought for $50 per coin, it may be $6,000 per coin now, but your 10 BTC value will always be the same.

Which highlights exactly what these lending and borrowing services do by taking care of this complex process in a risk minimized way.

Examples of Crypto Interest Accounts
The easiest way to start earning interest on your BTC or cryptocurrencies is by opening a crypto/Bitcoin savings account with popular crypto lending services. Here is a table of ones which I have found to be accessible and highly reviewed.

Crypto Market News
I also take a look at the top news in the crypto market covering Binance’s apparent lawsuit to combat the industry crazed fake news, China’s tight regime on ICO’s and currency based cryptos, as well as Bakkt confirming in options launch and continual shift to cash-based contracts.


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