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Today’s video explores how the major powershift of which country is going to lead the way in crypto and blockchain development.

We look at China and their related impact on South Koreas new direction on cryptocurrencies, AI, Tech and Blockchain innovation.

A Russian company specialising in aluminium metal due to USA sanctions has transitioned to become a mining bitcoin mining entity to dominate over 20% of the global mining power.

In other news, Heath Tarbert – the new Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) – declared that ETH, the token of the ethereum blockchain, was a commodity.

This is significant, coming from the regulator of one of the largest derivatives markets in the world.

We look at how potential Derivatives enable hedging, a significant part of portfolio management and solid support for long positions. A lively derivatives market, the reasoning goes, will encourage more investment, which will boost the price, which will encourage more investment, and so on.

I do want to mention however that the trading volumes on futures are a mere fraction of what occurs on the exchanges where volumes on Binance, Bitmex and other exchanges often exceeds billion where CME is in the low 100’s of millions. So I explore the idea of do we need financial regulation, as well as more common investment mediums such as options, ETF’s and Futures.

Finally, I explore the statement of ‘Bitcoin as a Hedge: Hype or Fiction?’ The value of Bitcoin to our liberty and our culture remains to be tested against the realities of our world. But it’s not hard to embrace the hope!


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