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With major Tether news coming from Poland the impact of the demise of Tether is explored. How will this impact the market and the possible opportunities this will create is theorised.

Panic and FUD – This will certainly be an outcome if Tether does go through any issues, panic will likely take over the markets, clawing its way to Bitcoin and causing it to possibly decrease in value.

Although we have need more developed approach of trading Bitcoin and seen many mediums of signs the asset is maturing, emotion plays a role in crypto price action.

A dip with more than likely be temporary as speculators will not only rake advantage of the dip but as there are many other stable coins its a great opportunity for others to take centre stage!

Although it’s very unlikely Tether shutting down abruptly due to some unforeseen event, you may see some stablecoins rally we can see from the previous negative fundamental impact on tether how On October 15, 2018, Tether collapsed by 2.6% and was trading at $0.96. TrueUSD’s peg rose by 8% [$1.08], while that of USD Coin rose by 11% [$1.11].

A Temporal Opportunity for Traders – we explore the opportunity for arbitrage trading and other areas which traders can take advantage of.
This disparity between the price of BTC on different exchanges would provide a temporary opportunity for arbitrage trading.

We also explore how BTC performs in Argentina and the impact of previous halvings on BTC price action.

LTC is also reviewed as currently the network is reducing in size and threatening the future of the coin!




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