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Cryptocurrencies are still becoming mainstream and the talk of the town, and why should it not be?

At this moment in time, we are seeing some consolidation with Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology and we believe that eventually, we will break through the $9,000 barrier with ease. Technically we are range bound between two very key levels.

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The Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis completed its study by assessing the control structure of cryptocurrency markets and mainstream adoption of cryptos as a form of payment. This is such a leap from where we were back in 2015.No wonder the federal reserve has been getting jitters over the last 2 years.

The federal reserve did a comparative study between Gold and Bitcoin due to the finite nature of mining and found that they are both very similar. Now over the next month, they are looking at the structure adoption. Will they move one step ahead towards a FED COIN? At this point, it is very hard to say.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become more popular as some believe they emancipate users from the current financial system by letting people exchange money online without a bank mediating the transaction and allowing user anonymity. These currencies run on blockchain technology, or an electronic database of transactions, which is said to be secure as new deals are added, stamped, and protected with a mathematical equation.


This was going to happen at some point in time as the major banks are all now adopting blockchain technology.



Batavia, a blockchain technology based trade finance platform founded by banking giant UBS in partnership with IBM, has conducted its first live cross-border transactions involving corporate clients.

HSBC has completed the world’s first commercially viable trade-finance transaction using blockchain technology, opening the door to mass adoption of the blockchain technology in the $9-trillion market for trade finance.

Almost half of the major banks in the Republic of China have adopted Blockchain technology in the last six months. Out of the 26 banks which are publicly listed in China, 12 banks have come forward by disclosing the annual filings that they have adopted blockchain technology applications for various uses over the last year.

The latest news while writing this blockchain technology article has come through straight to the desk stating that:

LG, the “Life’s Good” company that makes televisions, smartphones, and other electronic appliances, is getting in on the blockchain technology boom. Through its LG CNS subsidiary, it has created a blockchain technology powered service that provides logistics capabilities for finance, communication, and manufacturing firms. The platform, called Monachain, also provides a digital wallet that allows users to conduct financial operations.

Monachain’s focus is to be a digital authentication system, followed by a cryptocurrency and a blockchain technology digital chain management tool. It has developed a new identification system, a decentralized identifier, enabling personal identification as well as online smart device payments. LG CNS is currently working on securing agreements with a number of banks to expand its cryptocurrency offering to a larger customer base.

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As you have read, the world is shifting further and further towards Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and while the markets have been in a slight downtrend over the last week, we can now see the markets are once again pushing back, and a bull-run may once again be on the cards.

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