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Crypto Trading Guide

This cryptocurrencies trading guide makes Crypto Trading so easy, anyone from any background can start trading and profiting within a few hours.

When an individual first get involved in trading Cryptocurrencies, they are generally bemused and get confused on how to send and receive the various digital currencies. This is where our eBook comes in. Written by Nirav Shah, our CEO who has over 15 years trading experience and has been trading Bitcoin since 2012, it provides the following:

  • Getting started with Cryptocurrencies.
  • Understanding the Core concepts of Cryptocurrency Market Trading with simplicity.
  • A Definitive Guide on How, When, and Where to buy your Bitcoins.
  • Top 10 coins you can buy in 2018 that will lead you to profitability.
  • The chance to turn $500 into $60,000 with Premium Access to The Platinum Crypto Network.


Who is this Consultation for?
Anybody brand new or interested in the Cryptocurrency Market
Those who want to understand this lucrative industry
A purchaser of Bitcoin looking to also purchase Alt-Coins
Experienced Cryptocurrencies Traders that are looking to improve
Crypto Traders that are profitable, but not consistent

What will this Consultation cover?
Any questions you may have about the Crypto-Industry
An overview of the Crypto-Economy & Crypto Market Cap
Tips on how to get started and what to look out for
How to enforce successful risk management techniques
Live trades on portfolios worth over £100,000 first-hand

How will this benefit you?
Gain further clarity on the World of Cryptocurrencies
Understand the mechanisms that drive Crypto-Prices
Gain the ability to spot potential Trade Opportunities
Understand how to keep risks low, and reap high rewards
See the potential to earn money from Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptonaire Weekly

Cryptonaire Weekly is our industry leading magazine that all our members receive. The focus of the magazine is to help and guide our network to successful trades each week. Cryptonaire weekly includes, Key Trading levels, top coins for the week, full technical and fundamental analysis, full market sentiment review and our top Picks for ICO’s.

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