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This week Monday Video goes through a lot from Binance, Bakkt, Libra and JPMorgan. The Last few days Bitcoin has been moving sideways and BTC dominance falling slightly. I take a look at how effective Dollar-cost averaging is when comparing to other options like the Dow Jones or Gold.

It has been mentioned on CNBC that this is a generation buying opportunity and that this could be the key to wealth for millennials.

Binance looking to dominate the world with movements into united states wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking to link with NYSE in some way now they have US approval.

ECB – Block on Libra, Germany threating a recession and a look at why ECB is blocking Libra.
Santander – using ETH and blockchain for $20 million Bond, explaining using blockchain made the process faster simpler and more effective.

Coinbase pro looking to offer Dash on their exchange and Kyberswap is now an option for many as a decentralised on-ramp for crypto!

JPMorgan aiming for over 400 users of its Blockchain application for shared information in the banking sector.

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