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Today’s video covers some major news in crypto space including the USA vs China Trade war and how this continues to impact the crypto space.
Also, the FUD over altcoins in the USA as Binance closes shop there.

There are now $15 in trillion negative-yielding bonds which tripled from 2018 this is explored and highlighted as the global financial situation clearly showing weakness good news from crypto and Bitcoin.

Raising the question of the result of global quantitive easing measures (printing money) = Bitcoin is needed more than ever

Negative interest rates are now popping up on mortgages

Trade War continues and by the looks of things USA is winning but there are underlying tones which I talk about. China’s 3rd major bank has received bailout shows massive similarities between the JP Morgan and Co in 2008

Musk has backed presidential candidate who is bullish on BTC, how this could be a game-changer if Andrew Yang progresses in the candidate race.

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