The existing property market in the UK has turned into a highly risky business. In fact, one can easily say that the UK housing crisis is severely affecting landlords, tenants contractors and everyone in the property industry.

The UK’s housing crisis has been highlighted by COVID-19. Many of the long standing industry issues we discuss in this article have been thrusted to the forefront of people’s minds.

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Noteably it has been especially difficult for the homeless and those with young children living in overcrowded homes without outdoor space.

Private renters who have lost their jobs face the prospect of eviction and increasing numbers of homeless people are unable to find support despite initial announcements that they would be housed in hotels.

Coronavirus may have accentuated these issues, but the housing system has looked broken for years. Its dysfunction can be superficially measured via massive housing waiting lists, high rents and homes so expensive that new generations can’t buy. Other signs include homelessness and sofa surfing, rising evictions, overcrowding, and young people staying with parents for longer.

UK Housing Crisis_UK Renters

Today’s article however will focus on the landlords who are increasingly facing difficulty from multiple areas.

UK housing Crisis – Challenges landlords are facing include:

– Rental money is not being paid at all or on time.

– Damages to property.

– Anti-social behavior on part of the tenants

– Property management fees and unknown hidden fees.

– Evicting tenants from the property.

UK Housing Crisis_HousingThus, the UK housing crisis is currently causing havoc in the lives of the landlords, who are desperately searching for ways to better manage their properties and tenants.

PIF-The Next-Gen Platform for Property Management

As far as PIF or Property Info File is concerned, it offers the best solution for effective property management. PIF plans to revolutionize the way in which people search, source, rent as well as manage their properties. The Property Info File platform, with assistance from hybrid blockchain, intends to transform, improve as well as streamline the entire process of property management permanently.

In fact, PIF is the ideal way forward to resolving the current UK housing crisis, where landlords are struggling with multiple issues.

By including blockchain within the Property Info File platform and procedures, PIF plans to develop an ecosystem that ensures streamlined, agile, and efficient property management. It plans to make the homes, lives, as well as the work environment of landlords, tenants, and even property managers much simpler, easy, and transparent, thereby allowing each one of them to choose better using their money and time.

The platform will change how property managers and landlords handle their work, and will also help them to improve their processes. PIF will change the way in which data is stored, accessed, and used for the improvement of the property management cycle.

Blockchain and Real Estate

The blockchain is a highly trusted and advanced technology, which makes it ideal for the real estate sector, where trust and transparency are key issues, especially because people invest a huge amount of money for purchasing their properties.

This is one of the key reasons why many of the real estate projects that use the blockchain system in their platforms lay more emphasis on the financial transaction since blockchain is directly related to cryptocurrencies. However, one of the major advantages of blockchain is that it functions on the distributed ledger system. Thanks to the distributed ledger concept, blockchains are capable of accommodating several records over a given period. This also helps to keep the records tamperproof and further allows any user to verify the transactions while still maintaining anonymity.

Thus, blockchain offers a method for transferring and securing funds aside to supporting the highly complex multi-party agreements, which drive those money transfers via smart contracts.

UK housing Crisis & The Current Problems Landlords Face

At present, landlords are dealing a multitude of issues as mentioned above however one which seems to start the discussions off time and time again relates to finding an ideal tenant for that rental property.

Landlords are looking for tenants who are capable of keeping their properties safe, as well as in good condition. Another issue that they are facing is whether their tenant would pay the rent or not. Landlords are also worried about whether their tenants would report the repairs in time to avoid any sort of damage.

Below, check out some of the major issues that landlords are currently facing:

Finding the Perfect Tenant

One of the primary issues that landlords are facing is related to finding a good tenant who can treat them and their property well. Landlords want tenants to maintain their property in good shape so that they are not required to spend money on costly post tenancy repair work.

Lost or unpaid rent

is another thing that property managers and landlords keep worrying about every single day. In fact, landlords also face lengthy evictions, insufficient tenant funds and deposits, and funding that fails to cover the costs of property damage and repair.

Credit Checks

Another major point that ads to this UK housing crisis is that landlords facing issues with credit worthiness of their tenant. A tenant may appear to be perfect initially, but eventually, they cause a whole lot of trouble for them. A good number of tenants in the United Kingdom today pay their 1st month’s rental money along with a lower deposit to move in. However, later they cause massive problems to the landlord in the form of non-payment of rental income or credit checks.

Payment and Rent – Evictions

As already mentioned above, the initial month’s rental money is all that these perfect tenants pay, and thereafter a year and more goes by, but is widely known that tenants are very hard to evict even if they are not paying their monthly rent! Tenants like this take up a great deal of time and continue to enjoy the rent-free stay. Moreover, many of them tend to damage the property.

Thus, by utilising the PIF solution landlords can avoid this possible outcomes by having their rental payment and deposit history checked, landlords can save themselves from a lot of trouble. Another aspect that landlords can dig into is whether their prospective tenant kept their previous rental property in good condition or not. This would help them to consider every single aspect before letting their properties.

Following are some of how blockchain technology-enabled platforms can help the landlords:

– Full-Inventory Recording

– Access to High-quality and professional repair Engineers

– Communication Channels

– Uploading of multiple properties

– Tenant History

– Certificate expiry reminders

– Dashboard management

– Preferred list of renters

– Gaining tenant feedback

UK housing crisis – How PIF Can Help Landlords?

With the Property Info File (PIF) platform, landlords can easily search for good tenants for their properties. This would ensure that they enjoy regular rent payments and no damage is caused to their properties under any condition. Given that credit checks used for renting out a property are all based on the wrong concepts, they must be focused only on the past rent payments, as well as deposit returns of the tenant. This would indicate that there were no issues with their behavior or rental payments. Thus, by working in tandem with the banks, as well as the deposit holding firms, and by relying on open source banking system, PIF can easily pull out these payments to further use them for rental property credit checking.

Apart from this, PIF will also allow landlords or agents to cross-check the tenant’s history in terms of rental payment, their overall behavior, and any other contract breaches

How Will the PIF Ecosystem Work?

The PIF ecosystem is uniquely designed to resolve the UK housing crisis. Below, check out how the entire ecosystem would function for the tenants, landlords, and other parties involved within the system:

– A tenant purchases PIF tokens which can be stored within their digital wallets.

– The tenant applies for renting an apartment, thus allocating 1000 PIF digital token to the Application Deposit Smart Contract.

– The landlord chooses their preferred tenant, as well as 950 PIF tokens, are taken away from the winning tenant’s Application Deposit  Smart Contract to the Rental Deposit Smart Contract, which serves as the first down payment towards the rent deposit. The 50 PIF digital tokens that remain in the tenant’s wallet are shifted to Property Info File’s wallet as part of the service fee. On the other hand, all the losing tenant’s application tokens are returned or refunded.

– The agreement formed between a tenant and the property owner shall be tokenized as well as updated, within the PIF platform for reference.

– Whenever there is a need for an appliance or property repair and maintenance, then a request mentions the same shall be updated through the application and further noted within the network.

– The tradesman who is also a member of the PIF system will be notified and shall offer a quotation for their service.

– The owner/tenant would pick the individual whose service and the offer seems the best as per the updated record.

Thus, the party that agreed (owner/tenant) to make the payments will pay the necessary amount, and the same record shall be updated in addition to the task closure report. Once the lease is complete, and in case there isn’t any damage to the property, then the Rental Deposit Smart Contract shall refund all the PIF tokens by transferring them into the tenant’s wallet.


Thus, after the tenant has moved out, and if the landlord does not make any damage claim, then the Rental Deposit Smart Contract shall transfer the PIF tokens (as per the extent of the damage) into the wallet of the landlord. Furthermore, all the important data will get recorded over the blockchain as well as can be easily verified by the system user. Besides, the private data/info will get encrypted within the contract with the help of a 3rd party privacy as well as identity structure. This would enable in keeping and holding the data private and as per the privacy compliance laws.

UK housing crisis – Conclusion

In a nutshell, there is no denying the fact that the PIF platform ( will help to resolve the UK housing crisis to a large extent. The platform has been designed to ensure that there is effective communication between all the parties involved in the renting and leasing of property. It will also provide tenants and landlords with access to reputed service engineers, and help them to ensure full compliance, transparency, and traceability so that everyone involved gets a fair and honest deal.

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