EMG super coin

What is EMG Coin project?

Emeldi Group (EMG) consisting of 5 software companies in 4 countries has made a top management decision to launch the first E-Commerce Telecom Super App platform using blockchain technology for all customer orders, payment transactions, and new customer contract authentication.

EMG will have at its disposal the portfolio of legacy software products & assets Emeldi Commerce®.


The Emeldi family of associated private companies (in UK, Czech Republic, Canada & Slovakia), has been built over 20+ years. It has a successful reputation in the Telecoms Sector with Communications Services Providers (CSPs) providing for their evolving needs for enterprise software in the BSS (Business Support Systems) segment.

Emeldi Commerce® platform is being used by 50 million customers worldwide.

New Software Products & Services

E-commerce NFT Marketplace

An E-commerce platform for digital assets.

This will be the first project using our E-commerce platform to offer a comprehensive digital marketplace for buying and selling all digital products and services, such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), artwork, E-games, digital tickets to online performances, and community subscriptions.

The software incorporates an open microservices architecture, a mature set of CRM functions, and an Enterprise Product Catalogue. It is recognized in the telecom industry as a leading product of its kind.

EMG Super App

First Super App E-Commerce and CRM application using blockchain technology.

EMG Super App will be the first E-commerce telecom platform using blockchain technology for all customer orders, payment transactions and new customer contract authentication. EMG Super App users will be able to send and receive encrypted messages, share photos, videos, files, voice notes and even their location, and can also subscribe to live channels.

Localised content will be available through these EMG Super App channels that aim to entertain, educate and empower communities in some lesser-developed geographical markets.

The EMG Super App platform aims to harness growth in the African digital economy by breaking down barriers such as limited access to the internet and digital services, low smartphone penetration, lack of locally relevant content and affordability. The high cost of mobile data and higher-end phone devices needed to run for example whatsapp and other big tech video streaming services.

This omnibus, multi-function EMG Super App will be an easy-to-use consumer app for mobile devices enabling users to perform a wide variety of online activities be they financial, leisure, occupational and others. For instance, when buying data obtaining discounts; receiving rewards for purchases using the EMG Coin; consuming less data when messaging, e-shopping, using music streaming and video games.

“With our Super App, we want to provide valuable services to people in these countries to easily and reliably connect to our simple-to-use app and use it for their needs.“

– EMG CEO Mark Bystriansky

SuperVerse Discovery Game

“Metaverse” E-Games, with “Earn-as-you-play”

EMELDI GROUP has acquired the rights to a traditional game that will provide the baseline input for the development of a next-Gen “Multiverse” game; the name of which will be “SuperVerse Discovery”. This will include an important element of “Earn-as-you-play”; and could become a cornerstone source of significant revenues. The team assigned to work on this project are excited about its planned scope and distinctiveness. The scheduling for launch is under discussion.

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