Ernest Comics: Take Comic NFTs to the next level!

Do you think you are well informed about the universe? Beyond our galaxy, there exists a lot of worlds, characters, and forces that might shock you. Do you want to explore this line? Ernest comics should be your line of interest.

Introduction to Ernest comics

Ernest comics emanate from Ernest in Disguise NFT. Ernest comics is a type of interactive leisure for the new age. It gives customers and community participants digital property of its products in the form of NFTs. Ernest comprises 6,000 NFTs and is available in the Solana blockchain.

Why investors should invest in the Original Ernest Collection

Besides being a beautiful work of art, the Ernest in Disguise NFTs provide a lot more value in various ways. The Ernest brand has already finished two series of comic books. Also, it has promised to finish the third after selling a certain percentage of its collection. It has already been suggested that, besides NFTs collection, many other characters would make their debut in this comic. The owners of those characters will receive a royalty payment for featuring their characters.

Their DAO group is another distinguishing aspect. Investors holding two or more Ernests will receive access to the “Ernest Insiders” – a private discussion channel. Members of this elite community enjoy a monthly livestream from experienced market researchers and NFT collectors who are founders of the team. Other benefits of Ernest Insiders include accessing the creators, accessing the metaverse clubhouse, having Airdrops, and Ernest comics access.

Ernest in Disguise has set up different options for investors to get a piece of the revenue pie. 14 Legendary NFTs come with a 0.5% share in the Ernest Beyond Launch and future Ernest mints to provide a reliable income stream. Staking allows users to earn EVO, their native token, which you can use to buy NFTs and resell them on the secondary market, and a 40% profit share from the Ernest comic NFTs series will be released monthly, starting in June 2022.

Another motivation behind investing in the original Ernest Collection is getting a ticket to the private comic-con event at the end of the year. Once a crypto investor fully mints his ERNEST, all their comic-con experience is paid for. There are wild speculations about where this spaceship would transport their alien pal.

Why Invest in Ernest Comic NFTs?

The team behind developing the Ernest comic NFTs universe aims to improve the investors’ financial muscle. Besides, they plan to expand the project to an entirely produced comic series, available in both NFT and hard copy formats. Moreover, investors will receive rewards from the secondary sales. 

Additionally, consumers will be able to own, collect, and exchange all of the characters and their wearables. This is because they will make all these properties into NFTs.

Also, trading cards based on Ernest’s original theme and their foray into the comics world, with a P2E concept in the works, are quite beneficial to holders of the NFT. This will allow them to develop play-to-earn games that will enable them to earn while playing.

Ernest comic NFTs comes with an animation studio with several animated shows, portraying the lives of various characters. In this case, investors will receive a percentage of the revenues for the characters they own who appear in the animations.

An overview of monthly Ernest comic NFTs release

Ernest comic NFTs has a clear roadmap of how it would progress for one year. The plan is segregated into quarters. Yet, there are monthly targets in terms of operations to achieve the quarter plans. They will release everything for trade, collection, swap, and sale for viewers and holders every month.

Besides this, you can make your characters! You may collect your favorite characters, artifacts, weapons, and even entire planets or vehicles with ERNEST BEYOND. You can combine some to create wholly unique NFTs that can’t be found anywhere else. Others bring surprises and hidden AIRDROPS. You can gradually customise your preferred collection to your preferences, putting your favourite stars on your WALLET! Collect, trade, and join the ERNEST BEYOND community.

The monthly release includes the following:

The Passive Income System/Revenue Sharing

Staking your NFTs is a terrific way of earning passive money. Staking is when you pledge your NFTs to a blockchain network in exchange for virtual currency, which you may subsequently trade, swap, sell, or collect. You can’t sell or relocate your NFTs while they’re staked. To execute transactions swiftly and increase the network’s security, you must lock up a specific amount of tokens. NFT holders are enticed to stake their tokens with the prospect of a crypto payout to improve the system.

Ernest comics shares 40% of its revenue with each Ernest in Disguise NFT. This easily translates to about 0.15-0.2 SOL per Ernest per month.

Besides staking, royalty fees are one of the most effective techniques to continue earning from NFTs. Because NFTs are one-of-a-kind codes, they allow developers to define their parameters based on their earnings’ needs. Even when a creator sells his NFT, he can keep receiving royalties. If a creator’s royalty percentage is set to 15, he will receive 15% of the sale price every time the NFT is sold after that.

Ernest Comic NFTs Trading Cards & Trading Card P2E Game explained

Trading cards are among the most valuable assets a collector can acquire for decades. They are so popular that there is a yearly exhibition dedicated to them. Trading cards, like their collectors, are now turning digital, thanks to the ever-growing NFT community.

The Solana blockchain is used to manufacture Ernest comic NFT trade cards. The NFT holder holds the right to the digital trading card in a way, even if they aren’t real (you can’t physically hold them). If its value rises, the crypto investor can sell it for a profit.

A digital file is converted into a virtual currency token that resides on a blockchain — a public ledger where transactions are recorded — to generate an NFT trade card. NFTs are purchased by collectors to show in their collections or to sell on the secondary market to make a profit.

Blockchain games have risen in popularity and the more fantastic realm of online gaming. You may acquire and play NFTs in virtual worlds with blockchain games. The finest NFT games include a thriving secondary market for rare cards and goods, and periodic upgrades and debuts to keep things fresh.


The Ernest team is dedicated to the development of a flourishing community. In light of this, the Ernest Insiders DAO is the final component of their long-term plans. Those who buy two Ernest NFTs will be able to participate in future projects and community initiatives, and receive access to sensitive and vital information about trading and cryptocurrency. After spending so much time in the crypto community, there is another chance for token holders to get engaged and help establish a truly unique business. Stay tuned because Ernest’s adventure is far from over for crypto investors. 

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