Despite cryptocurrency’s growing popularity, many investors remain sceptical about investing in digital assets due to its volatility. How about a cryptocurrency that offers growth, stability, and all the benefits of its digital nature? This is exactly where the gold-backed fuse.gold initiative fits in perfectly. fuse.gold enables crypto investors to enjoy the decentralization of cryptocurrencies with the financial stability and growth of gold.

The fuse.gold token represents a gram of London Good Delivery Gold, stored in a secure vault in London. fuse.gold fuses the stability of gold and the speed of crypto using state-of-the-art Blockchain Technology. All fuse.gold token holders own the physical gold under the fuse.gold’s guardianship. Similarly, fuse.gold follows the real-time price of gold in the market.

Benefits of fuse.gold

FUSEG is a gold-backed token of the fuse.gold ecosystem. The gold-backed nature of FUSEG ensures the safety and security of your investment. As an owner of the FUSEG token, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The fuse.gold allows FUSEG settlements against a wide range of cryptocurrency 24 hours a day, just like all other crypto tokens. Furthermore, trading FUSEG is a very quick and easy process.
  • FUSEG tokens give you ownership of physical gold kept in UK vaults and certified 99.999% secure by the LBMA.
  • fuse.gold holders can convert their gold into physically allocated gold, other supported cryptocurrencies, and FIAT via decentralized and centralized exchanges.
  • The minimum investment requirement for the fuse.gold is very low. You can even buy 1 FUSEG, so the product is accessible to everyone. Anyone or any institution may purchase FUSEG using FIAT currencies, Bitcoins, or other cryptocurrencies.
  • fuse.gold only charges a small fee for the tokenization of physical gold instead of charging customers for storing their physical gold. With fuse.gold, you won’t have to worry about storage fees.

fuse.gold Referral System & Rewards

Among the many benefits of the fuse.gold platform, there is also a one-layer referral system to earn GOLDX. This World Class referral system uses one unique reference link that pays in both FUSEG and GOLDX. fuse.gold rewards users with GOLDX tokens just for the transactional volume of FUSEG. Proof of Volume (PoV) with FUSEG earns free GOLDX for the users. Additionally, the GOLDX token has a built-in transaction tax of 10%, which generates yield to holders without requiring staking. Meaning even after the whole supply is minted GOLDX has the Tokenomics to stand on its own two feet as a standalone token. The 10% will be distributed as follows for every transaction:

  • 1% burn rate on every transaction
  • 1% 50/50 split between referrer and referee
  • 1% to the Treasury for future-proofing and insurance
  • 7% to holders according to position size

GOLDX uses PoV instead of using masses of power to support the network causing harm to the environment. PoV is a totally green way of provably verifying the actions committed to earn the rewards token and to mint it into existence. 

GOLDX blockchain is in full development and already on test net designed to facilitate RWA backing and the PoR solution integrated by Chainlink. GOLDX blockchain has also been designed to facilitate the 24/7 onchain auditing process of all real world asset backed coins/tokens.

Although many gold-backed cryptocurrencies are on the market, fuse.gold stands out. With fuse.gold, you can transform your investment into a portfolio you can access more easily, quickly, and securely. Through fuse.gold, users can enjoy all the benefits of gold and the digital nature of cryptocurrency. This project will be a great investment opportunity if you are looking to safely grow your portfolio without worrying about market volatility.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr Karnav Shah, discusses the potential of the fuse.gold, “As you are aware, today’s gold markets are plagued with paradoxes such as the lack of investment-grade physical gold products that are convenient to own and trade. The fuse.gold project has been designed to overcome this problem by enabling investors to own gold-backed cryptocurrency FUSEG. fuse.gold team combines gold stability with the technical advantages of crypto so that users can create a portfolio that includes stability and growth over time. The project looks promising and offers free rewards token gold X, enabling your portfolio to grow to its full potential.”

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