What is Immunify.Life?

Immunify.Life Treasury: Why should you participate?

Immunify.Life’s mission is to manage, collect, and store medical information seamlessly to improve treatment outcomes. Their Treasury (Public Sale) was launched a month ago, allowing all token holders and potential buyers to participate in this vision. Those interested in purchasing $IMM tokens can make purchases through Immunify.Life’s secure platform and Treasury.
The IMM tokens represent value and opportunity and serve as the platform’s governance token to achieve the healthcare goals of the Immunify.Life ecosystem. IMM tokens are ADA tokens that can be traded on the Cardano blockchain. IMM is designed to facilitate transactions between platform participants, which include participants in the Immunify.Life community, prospective investors, healthcare industry experts, and enthusiasts. The following are possible uses of IMM tokens:

  • IMM tokens will be used to pay fees for access to medical data.
  • Immunify.Life’s ecosystem will use IMM for all payment settlement layers.
  • Patients will be rewarded in IMM for adhering to medical prescriptions.
  • Incentives for providing clinical data (e.g. patients).
  • Staking upon registration for self-sovereign identity.
  • Payment for acquiring NFT digital medical certificates.
  • Incentives for Yield Farming Protocol.

An overview of Immunify.Life Referral Program

Referral Program: Steps To Follow

Access your account. The first step is to log into your Treasury Account.
Note: To participate in the referral program, you must create an account and complete the KYC process. Do you need assistance creating an account and completing KYC? Click here to learn how to open a Treasury account and proceed with KYC! Following this link, you will find a step-by-step guide to help you get started! Once you have created your account and completed KYC, you are all set to start making money!

Share your referral URL. If you want to maximise the number of bonus tokens you receive, spread your referral URL. You may send your referral link to friends and family or share it on your social media accounts, Telegram, etc. However, please do not spam people with your referral link; instead, share it with potential investors interested in participating. Thus, people will be more inclined to invest when shared in the right context and in the appropriate manner.

Let’s wait and be positive. Once you have shared your referral link with potential users, you can wait for their response. Users who click on your link will be redirected to a Treasury sign-up page. As soon as they create an account, your referral ID will be associated with them. As soon as they contribute to the Treasury sale, you will automatically receive the rewards for their contributions.


Millions of people worldwide do not have access to proper, safe, and up-to-date medical care. In Africa, healthcare is plagued by challenges such as paper records, limited access to treatment, and the inability to share medical records. Taking this into consideration, Immunify.Life created a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem. With AI, NFTs, and blockchain technologies, they are on their way to demonstrating healthcare’s value. Their team of over 20 professional experts in healthcare, blockchain, IT, marketing, and finance, are working tirelessly to transform medical systems. The mission of Immunify.Life is to leverage the power of big health data to enable an equitable and informed healthcare deployment across the globe. If you want to be part of a healthcare project that improves people’s lives and offers lucrative earning opportunities, Immunify.Life might be your best option.


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