As people were confined to their homes for weeks and months, they searched for new ways of entertainment. Video games served their purpose. This new surge in interest in gaming coincided with advancements in the world of blockchain and crypto currency and, together, created a new genre called play-to-earn games.

Play-to-earn games are currently soaring in popularity and have created a burgeoning gaming subset called GameFi, which is a blend of gaming and finance. GameFi essentially refers to video games that are developed using blockchain technology and allows players to earn crypto currency while playing the game. Since these games mostly use NFT as their tradeable in-game items, they are also called NFT games.

Junkies Social Club NFT

The Junkies Social Club aims to be the first ‘game-first’ NFT project, in which it aims to provide a truly enjoyable experience to its users. Junkies Social Club plans to bring about a paradigm shift in the current trend of Web 3.0 games that focus mainly on the play-to-earn part of the game.

The Junkies project is a product of a worldwide societal collapse, wherein war, climate change and over-consumption created a dystopian era of humanity. The Junkies are a faction that aim to reinforce the broken system.

The Junkies got their name from living under the Junkyard, scavenging old technology to survive and rebuilding a society from the depths of the Undercity. The Undercity, incidentally, was built inside a transcontinental railway station left unfinished by humanity and located under modern-day San Francisco. Every wall, road and house were originally scraps taken from the surface and repurposed to build the Undercity. 

The game’s core will have Third-person Shooter, Single and Multi-player, Play-to-Earn, Metaverse and Forever Evolving. The Forever Evolving consists of committed developers passionate about the Junkies. 

In the Player vs Environment (PvE) part, players can earn equipment and crafting material as claimable NFT while in the Player vs Player (PvP) part, players can use their earned Loot to battle in explosive and exhilarating Player vs Player combat modes. 

Open-world exploration will be incorporated into many PvP and PvE game modes and missions throughout the journey in the Junkiverse. 

The Junkiverse 

The Junkies Social Club is also designing the Junkiverse with the player in mind. The Juniverse is a unique gaming experience that blends classic hardcore gameplay with social interaction and blockchain technology. The Junkiverse will be a free-to-play experience and an ever-expanding metaverse. 

The team behind Junkies Social Club believes in the power of community and in eliminating the barriers of exclusive access, thereby allowing the ecosystem to thrive. Although the Junkiverse will be open to all, the core play-to-earn mechanics will be limited to the holders of the Junkie NFT.

The Junkies Social Club project is nearly complete with their first Alpha release of the Juniverse. It also recently released a Shooting Range demo, that showcased an early build of their locomotion and gunplay mechanics.

Junkie NFT

Each NFT will be a 1:1 model of what your Junkie will look like in-game. The Junkies act as unique skinned avatars, all with differing skills and personalities. Players can swap between them in real-time to complete their objectives at hand. 

The Junkies NFT will act as an access to fully experience the play-to-earn mechanics of the game. Besides, ownership of a Junkie NFT will also provide additional utility outside of the Junkie Social Club ecosystem. 

For instance, holders of the Junkie NFT will have access to real-life events, partnered collaborations, future NFT collections, multi-chain Alpha groups, discounts with partnered projects and much more. The list grows in line with the development of the project.

In terms of traits of the Junkies NFT, the Genesis collection has more than 300 unique traits, which creates a one-of-a-kind identity for the holder. Each Junkie will have various unique attributes, mutations, personalities and DNA that will establish the first generation.

Each Junkie was born the same but all will have some genetic anomalies. Mutations are another layer that makes them unique from each other. The mutated helix can increase or decrease random attributes, which allow you to excel in certain lines of work.

Mutations do not limit the Junkies but only offer a slight edge in certain scenarios. However, it may affect the lineage that follows. Each Junkie NFT will be injected with a selection of randomized base stat points and personality. 

One interesting feature of the Junkie NFT is that the character model is portable and can be used in compatible plug-and-play metaverse environments. This effectively means that you can bridge your identity across the multiverse. The character model will be fully optimized with all basic Humanoid Pig preferences used within most metaverse instances.

The Community

The Junkies Social Club NFT project already has an established community, especially on social media networks. It already has more than 12,000 members on Discord and more than 21,000 followers on Twitter. The above numbers are growing every week and also allows for constant outreach to many new users, projects and people. its $JUNK tokens has surpassed 2,300 unique holders and more than 6,500 unique ‘trust lines’.

Free-to-play and Play-to-earn

As mentioned earlier, the Junkiverse will be a free-to-play experience. The Junkies Social Club team wants to establish the concept of a game-first NFT project because it cares for the player experience above everything else. 

Although the Junkiverse will be a free-to-play experience that is open to all, the core play-to-earn mechanics of the game will be limited to holders of the Junkie NFT. Owning a Junkie NFT will allow you to convert traditional Web 2.0 game items into NFT that can be bought, sold and transferred without limitations. 

Those who do not own Junkie can still purchase and use NFT items. NFT holders will not only have full access to play and explore the Junkiverse but will also have the option to list their spare Junkies for rent. With Character Rentals, players can rent out their Junkies for a set period. This will allow non-holders to fully experience the Junkiverse while earning from the play-to-earn mechanics of the game. 

In-game NFT Marketplace

NFT and Utility

The Junkie NFT is the unique virtual identity of the holder, who can style and customize their Junkie to their liking. Holders can stake their claim in the Undercity, where they can set up shop or stash away their valuables. Holders can customize the Land in the way they seem fit. 

The Team

The team behind the Junkies Social Club project has more than 15 years of development expertise and are ready to pioneer the new space of Web 3.0 gaming. Each NFT will be a 1:1 model of what your Junkie will look like in the game. 


The gaming business has grown to be a multi-billion-dollar industry in a short period. Despite many play-to-earn games already available in the market, new gaming models are expected to lead to the development of more projects in the future.

The Junkies Social Club aims to be the first ‘game-first’ NFT project, in which it aims to provide a truly enjoyable experience to its users. It is also designing the Junkiverse with the player in mind. The Juniverse is a unique gaming experience that blends classic hardcore gameplay with social interaction and blockchain technology, thereby ushering in a paradigm change in the gaming space.

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