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Blockchain has taken the world by storm over the last few years, and it just keeps getting better. It’s a great time to feature in the latest blockchain revolution by participating in Loop Ventures, which runs  on the Terra chain. As a crypto investor, this is a major avenue to generate income. The platform is easy to use and offers trustworthy information on innovative projects.

Loop Ventures is the world’s first unified investment portal on Terra, built by leading blockchain experts. They provide investors with early access to the most innovative, exciting blockchain projects which have been comprehensively vetted for quality and validated for market demand. Titan, the private investment portal, offers exciting projects to accredited investors, while the public investor portal, Atlas, features early notification of IDOs and ICOs.

Loop Ventures also features a project incubator, Nova, which accelerates the creation and growth of projects that solve real-world problems, allowing ideas to become long-lasting blockchain organisations. All of their projects are thoroughly verified for quality with curated tokenomics, allowing projects to move quickly to IDO and providing exclusive opportunities for discerning investors.

What are the ways investors can benefit from Loop Ventures?

As a public investor, by using Atlas you have the privilege to learn, before anyone, about IDOs and public token sales for Terra’s top projects, and you can check out the forthcoming ICOs and the current token sales. Moreover, being a public member gives you the right to receive notifications when new projects are released.

For the private investors, the privileges of using Titan are even greater. Titan allows project owners and accredited investors to connect seamlessly, making educated and informed investment decisions. You can be exposed to several early-stage investment opportunities for Terra blockchain-based startups. To be approved to use Titan, you must apply and meet the following criteria:

The Mission of Loop Ventures Explained – The Three I’s

The Mission of Loop Ventures Explained – The Three I’s

Loop Ventures prides itself on following a set of core values they liked to call “the three i’s:” innovation, investments, and impact.

Innovation is a buzzword in the crypto world, but Loop Ventures takes it seriously. They are solving real-world problems using leading-edge blockchain technology, and finding and incubating the projects to do just that. 

‘Investments’ seems cut and dry, but it’s about connecting the right investors with ‘smart money’ for projects. Loop Ventures has relationships with leading VC firms and private investors globally, and they are making it easier than ever for public investors to make their way into the space. 


Loop Ventures is an innovative, game-changing company offering products for everyone from accredited investors, to those brand new to Terra, to great projects looking for an incubator that can take them to the next level.

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