The process of trading cryptocurrencies for other assets could be tricky without “cryptocurrency exchanges”. They act as a middle man between the buyer and seller, earning money from commissions and transaction fees.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are also known as digital currency exchanges. Users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges. The trading is done using electronic monetary units, fiat currencies like dollars and euros, and other legal tenders. Aside from virtual assets, digital currencies and virtual properties can also be traded.

Cryptocurrency exchanges let you trade 24-hours a day. A modern technological solution is used to ensure the security of trading transactions, called cryptography. This means you can trade all day, every day. People love these platforms, mainly because they can hide their identity both as buyers and sellers. In this article, we will discuss “Mandala Exchange”, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is Mandala Exchange?

Mandala Exchange is a new innovative digital asset exchange that is Powered by the Binance cloud. The exchange aims to completely dominate the cryptocurrency market. Their core values are centred on simplicity, security and sustainability.

Mandala takes to heart the enlightenment of their users by providing them with training at each trading process. This is because they have envisioned that having a set educated user base is more efficient. And this is one aspect that most cryptocurrency exchanges take as less important.

Mandala believes that “knowledge is power”. And this is why they take priority in training their users.

Mandala Exchange have other trading features that set them aside as one of the best crypto exchanges. The Mandala Exchange stands out from others because it provides users with many features. These features include:

Trading Fees: Traders are at the advantage of receiving up to 50% off trading fees using the MDX token.

Fiat Gateway: Mandala allows fiat to be used directly for exchange.

Support Multiple Chains: The platform supports multiple chains including BSC, Polygon, SOL & FTM for enhanced user experience.

No KYC Required: Mandala Exchange allows users to withdraw up to two Bitcoins without revealing their KYC information.

24/7 Support: Mandala Exchange gives its users an unmatched experience by answering queries in the shortest amount of time. Customers can access support at any time through the platform.

In order to see Mandala’s vision come to fruition, it is recommended that investors hold on to Mandala and follow its roadmap. The entire focus of Mandala is to give the greatest trading experiences to its users.

Problems in current crypto & blockchain exchange?

Blockchain technology is often seen as a big challenge to the financial system as they promise tremendous economic improvement. Even though all the promises are attainable, including financial inclusion and a more transparent economy, it is imperative to remember that the grass is not always green in the crypto world. Below are some of the problems encountered by current crypto exchanges.


One of the biggest challenges of the current crypto market is the lack of security, with the increase in the news of breaches and hackings making headlines continuously. There is a growing demand for better protection for data and assets.As technology keeps advancing, so do hackers improve their gimmicks. Usually, exchanges are vulnerable to hacks because the risk is centralised. 


This is one of the well-established causes as to why a majority of the ICOs end up being a failure. Some of which could end up being fraudulent. Many expensive crypto projects often claim they are decentralised, while in the real sense, data from Token Analyst from Yahoo Finance shows that top wallets help nearly 80% of the top coins. 

The traditional economy and power dynamic also take negotiation and collaboration in the crypto space, and marketing strategy can mislead users and beginning investors. The benefits of digital currency, its strength, and influence can be put to the moderator if renowned institutions lack accountability, transparency, and professionalism. A call for an end to sketchy practices in the financial system market structure and ethical standards is pushed forward by true blockchain believers.


The best way to attract investors is through the initial coin offering. But unfortunately, most ICO’s result in scams. Exchanges need to take strict measures to be careful to list only those trustworthy crypto coins and ensure that they carry out the right assessment before listing.

Trading fees

Trading fees are usually charged according to the crypto exchanges. Fees vary drastically, ranging from up to 0.1% to 2%. The majority of exchanges have high trading fees including the maker and taker fee. The maker fee is higher than the taker because the maker adds liquidity to the market, so the exchange rewards the trader.


Any crypto exchange market has vital elements called liquidity. Therefore, the lack of liquidity creates an imbalanced environment for trading cryptocurrencies, and things go out of proportion. A decrease in liquidity results in the delay of order placement and execution, and large holders could easily manipulate the prices of assets. This results in a volatile market and more price slippages. The issue of reduced liquidity puts the power in the hands of cryptocurrency exchanges with large liquidity that they charge exorbitant prices for token listing.

Price manipulation

Price manipulation is one of the results of lightly regulated crypto exchanges where shady and abusive manoeuvres of prices of coins are being carried out.

Transaction delays

While cryptocurrency transactions carry out fast operations, delays can also be recorded in transactions. Hackings and fraudulent transactions can also be carried out. In some cases, delays may be caused by a transaction authorised by someone, not the user.


Cryptocurrency exchange processes are prone to many loopholes. Therefore, these exchanges have led to the use of regulations to limit trades that are not transparent and to ensure consumer protection. Exchanges are subject to a lot of rules and regulations.

How does Mandala Exchange solve these problems?

Mandala Exchange operates with full compliance with exchange commissions and securities. It will ensure user protection through governmental regulations and laws. Changes to wireless law are causing businesses to stop operations or making it difficult to adjust to changing legal requirements. Mandala comes with an exchange that has complied fully with existing laws. You will be at peace if you carry out cryptocurrency transactions on the Mandala Exchange because it protects your assets.

The threat of hacking exchanges is always present. Hence, the Mandala Exchange offers two-factor authentication and three-factor authentication, and the highest level of security. It also provides email confirmation notifications and a multi-signature wallet. It also features anti-DDoS attack protocols. All this in an attempt to ensure a high level of security that hackers will find difficult to penetrate. 

For cryptocurrency users who are concerned about the security of their cryptocurrency and prefer a strong storage wallet, Mandala is a viable option. This is because it intends to create a hardware wallet. Their development will be similar to that of Trezor or Ledger Nano, but more sophisticated. The key benefit of this hardware wallet is that it will connect very easily and specifically with the Mandala Exchange. 

Mandala hot wallets are insured by Binance SAFU. Besides keeping funds safe, SAFU means staying safe as a crypto user. Thus, traders no longer need to worry about their funds. In addition, access to the wallet will be provided by the user’s fingerprint. Moreover, even if the hardware wallet is stolen, it will not be accessible by anyone else, which is one of the reasons users are drawn to this project.

Mandala Exchange Mission Explained

The mission of Mandala is to connect the universe through blockchain. The word Mandala itself means universe. Mandala is an ancient Hindu and Buddhist test and was chosen specifically as Mandala ties us together to connect through the universe, which follows the logic and vision of the blockchain. The Flower of Life symbol, which is in the logo of the Mandala, is designed to represent the continuity of the universe.

Mandala is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange that is focused on simplicity, security and sustainability. It is driven to empower users to become more profitable on the platform as it provides advice and support in trading processes. This is one of the unique features of Mandala that can’t be found in other crypto exchanges. Its vision is to simplify trading actions by using easy-to-understand risk management and profit strategies. This platform takes into Priority to Cater for novice investors and at the same time provides them with advanced features for experienced investors. The Mandala Exchange will provide trading signals for entries and exits, important trading data and analysis and simple trading, both functionalities and much more. Employing these powerful features increases users’ profitability as they learn how to utilise opportunities that they may have been ignorant of.

Mandala has a well-detailed tutorial, with all the platform’s features during onboarding, and uses digital advice or an approach that will be easily added to the user interface. The crypto exchange will provide users with first-class customer support. There is no need for users to go to telegram groups and social media to get support, where they can get false rumours that could result in frustration and panic. The use of loopholes has also led to cyberattacks on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hence, a reputable crypto exchange platform must offer secure trading transaction technology. This is because the trading engine is the heart of the platform and must be updated regularly. Mandala’s trading platform is cutting-edge and updated regularly, so this is one of its best features. Despite its promise of being a secure and scalable platform, it can handle 1 million transactions per second, enough to keep up with even the heaviest trade traffic.


Mandala is a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange with a great platform and great services. They offer a great opportunity for you to earn passive income by owning MDX. A very professional team provides these services, and investing in them will not disappoint. Now you can use secure trading processes.

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