The completion of a $2.7 million seed funding round has been announced by a virtual Non-Fungible Token marketplace focused on Metaverses: MetaMundo.

In this seed funding round they’ve garnered support from some impressive names and businesses. Led by Animoca Brands, the Venture Capital Company that acquired The Sandbox game in 2018, they’ve secured funding from such companies as Metaartel Ventures, OP Crypto, Hypersphere Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and have also secured angel investments from Aave and Rarible’s co-founders… This isn’t the end of the list, but if I put it all here, we would probably be here for a while!

The network of choice for MetaMundo is the layer-two network, Polygon, which allows designers and creators to mint, license, and sell their NFTs for use within the Virtual World, as well as in Augmented Reality. This of course includes a swathe of already-existing metaverses such as Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels, and of course, Decentraland!

So, why Polygon? Well, that’s a relatively simple one. Ethereum’s gas fees are only getting higher, not to mention the ever-growing carbon footprint that minting NFTs on the Ethereum network creates. Polygon’s gas fees are a mouse compared to Ethereum’s mammoth, and the environmental cost follows that same mousey comparison.

The marketplace (according to MetaMundo) is expected to launch within 2022’s first quarter, and will include an extensive library of items such as wearables, buildings, vehicles, avatars, and much more!

Co-Founder of MetaMundo, Mark Studholme, had this to say:

MetaMundo has a suite of tools that converts, decimates and optimizes the original 3D ‘parent’ file provided by the creator to individual ‘child’ files optimized for each metaverse. We mint the parent file as one NFT using the ERC 721 contract, and this parent NFT is a wrapper for the child files and NFTs. So, when you collect the parent NFT, all the child NFTs come with it.

It’s an exciting development and considering that Grayscale (a crypto investment GIANT) recently predicted that the metaverse sector could soar to $1 trillion over the coming years, a metaverse-oriented marketplace will likely garner a lot of attention and use in this metaversal future!