Snoop Dogg

“Decentral Eyes Dogg” or “Decentralized Dogg”, Snoop’s very own NFT has hit the NFT market. The Hip-Hop Legend collaborated with Coldie to create a one-of-a-kind NFT that is, at time of writing, being auctioned on the SuperRare NFT marketplace. It was minted on Monday at 7:15pm UTC on the SuperRare platform, and its auction will come to an end on the following Friday.

SuperRare is a platform that specifically caters to buyers that are willing to pay that bit more for an exclusive NFT.

Snoop’s NFT is a stereoscopic 3-dimensional collage, it features 10 different portraits of the Dogg from different points in his life and career. It is also underscored with an NFT-inspired soundtrack by Snoop himself, created originally for this particular piece.

The bidding opened at 4.2ETH, but has quickly soared to 169ETH at time of writing, equivalent to about $760,000.

Nick Adler, Snoop Dogg’s long-time investment and innovation partner said that the NFT drop is the “beginning of Snoop’s work in the NFT and art space” and that if the NFT performs well, Snoop would be “absolutely open to future collaborations with Coldie or other iconic NFT artists”.

Adler also stated that Snoop intends to have an ongoing relationship with the DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) or collector that wins the Decentral Eyes Dogg NFT auction.

Coldie, the artist behind this new NFT stated that Snoop’s management contacted him directly about the collaboration opportunity, and added that the management team may consider using the artwork, utilising augmented reality, on various different products, stating:

We could do Snoop wine bottles that use augmented reality, where the portrait comes to life on a wine bottle. That leads so much more value to the collector because he’s got millions of eyes on the artwork.

Snoop recently stated in an interview about his new NFT:

This technology has inspired me to rethink how I work and release my art into the world. You don’t just see it, you feel it and you hear it. You digg? I want this piece to stand out as a representation of my vision in the metaverse. It’s Decentralized, Decentral eyes.

His NFT is just the latest in the trend of artists all around the globe turning to NFTs to release their art, whether it be a song, an image, a 3D model, or a simple photograph, NFTs are gaining more and more popularity, and the market continues to grow exponentially!