NFTs Football Monkeys

MonkeyBall, yes MonkeyBall, is an NFT game that’s based off of Solana.

With a list of investors, shareholders, and benefactors that might make you need to take a second look, this particular project is quite an exciting one!

In a recent seed-funding round, MonkeyBall amassed $3,000,000 for the completion and execution of the game from several crypto-native and “traditional venture funds, and exchanges”.

Amongst the investors and supporters are Solana Capital, Republic, NFX, Morningstar Ventures, Ascentive Assets, Node Capital, Metaversal, Banter Capital, iAngels, CMS, Longhash, Youbi, JumpCapital, 6th Man Ventures, MarketAcross, BFF, ZBS Capital, and Collider.

These days, a lot of games have jumped on the pay-to-win bandwagon, MonkeyBall however has gone the opposite route: Play to Earn.

By playing MonkeyBall you will earn $MBS (MonkeyBucks) or Solana tokens. After each match, these are distributed among the winning players, owners of the stadium, and any supporters of the winning team.

There is a notably high production-value, and it’s being brought to both desktop and mobile devices through one of the most popular game-building engines: Unity. The same engine that powers such well-renowned games such as Fall Guys, Surgeon Simulator, and Cuphead.

Each Monkey serves as an NFT, these Monkeys will have their own ‘unique DNA’, which is comprised of their Appearance, Trainable Abilities (Accuracy, Control, Passing, and Strength), and Special Elements which will be unique to their particular role (Defender, Goalkeeper, Midfielder, or Scorer).

These traits will affect the player’s ability to play and win their matches within the game.

There will only be 5,000 available Monkeys in Generation Zero, with almost 4-billion possible permutations. Having one of these original Monkeys will also give you special perks such as game token Airdrops, pre-game training camp, early access to Stadium (land) sale, and early Breeding season.

Stadiums will serve as their own NFTs. Remember, tokens are distributed to stadium owners, so having one of these stadiums could become a great passive income stream!