Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors launched a brand new collection of NFTs that aimed to give their most loyal fanbase “exclusive perks” and “VIP experiences” that would only be available through ownership of these NFTs. These NFTs also however are designed to raise money for Canada’s Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) Foundation’s ‘Change the Game’ Initiative.

This collection is commonly known as the “Toronto Raptors 6ix Keys Collection”, these 6 keys promise a unique experience/perk to the winner of their respective auctions. The 6 keys are: The City, The Team, The Player, The Past, The Future, and The Game.

During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Toronto’s youth have experienced particularly challenging hardships, and these NFT sales had been devised as a way to raise money for the youth of Toronto.

Taking a leaf out of the book of video game loot rarities, these NFTs also use different levels of rarity ranging from ‘rare’ to ‘legendary’, with their offerings depending entirely on their assigned rarity.

The lesser keys could win you some signed merchandise or memorabilia, tickets to a game, or even access to a suite during one of the Raptor’s future games. The higher tiers could offer users “customized and one-of-a-kind experiences” such as being able to spend time within the Raptors’ Scotiabank Arena, or meeting team executives and VIPs.

The Raptors also offered 6ix Black Keys for a vastly reduced cost at only $30 each which would give winners a sneak peek of the upcoming season for the team on Marketing Day.

This development sets an interesting precedent for sports teams and fan-oriented organisations, allowing people not only to have these experiences, but being able to show them off digitally in a way that’s never really been available before. Sure, you could have a few photos and some signed merch to commemorate the day, but now you’d forever have digital proof in the tamper-proof blockchain. No accusations of forgery or photoshop here! Just pure bragging rights!