Twitter Show Off NFTs

While Facebook has been rebranding to Meta and making waves in the Metaverse, Twitter may have decided to adopt the other current crypto-hype. NFTs.

With a new ‘collectibles’ tab supposedly in development we could soon see users showing off their Bored or Mutant Apes, or their CryptoPunks directly on their Twitter profile.

Mada Aflak, a Twitter engineer, teased a glimpse of the new feature on her own Twitter page showing how you would link your wallet, and how if you set one of your NFTs as your Avatar it would be shown to be authentic as your own NFT with an Ethereum mark similar to that of the Verified Checkmark you will often see on celebrity and business accounts.

With the support of showing off the art you own directly on one of the top social media platforms, we could soon see the already-ridiculous prices of NFTs soar even higher.

We may also see celebrities and companies use this as an opportunity to increase their perceived values and brand image, collecting cool and quirky NFTs, sparking fans and loyalists to try and snap up their variants.

Further adoption can only be good for the price of NFTs and the cryptocurrencies that they’re traded with, opening up the market further to greater levels of global adoption.

With the only real ways of showing off your NFTs being through your OpenSea account, or Rarible, having such a globally-recognised platform such as Twitter be a new space on which to show off your collection, NFTs will find their way even more into the mainstream, pushing adoption yet another step forwards and taking the cryptocurrency market to another new height.

I am personally quite excited by this development and cannot wait to show off my own NFTs to my followers and the wider world!