Using NFTs as Postal Stamps

The Postal Operator of the United Arab Emirates is issuing NFT stamps as a way to commemorate the 50th National Day of the federation. This move shows that the trend of mainstream adoption is still going strong for the NFT marketplace and concept as a whole.

UAE Postal Operator ‘Emirates Post Group (EPG)’ made the announcement this week claiming that it’s become the first postal organisation in the Middle East and North Africa to use stamps which are both digital and collectible, and that they will be unveiled on December 2nd.

The stamps are digital/physical twins, with the digital asset being intrinsically linked to its respective physical counterpart. There will be 4 total stamps released on the blockchain, and each will have a distinct design with a national theme.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the concept of digital/physical twins in this instance: Buyers will be able to view the digital version of their physical stamp by scanning a QR code that’s printed on the card, and there is a separate QR code hidden behind the card that will allow the owner to activate the digital collectible and secure its place on the blockchain.

CEO of the Emirates Post Group, Abdulla Mohammed Alashram has stated that embracing Non-Fungible Tokens is in line with the company’s overall vision to become a more digitally-orientated business and has stated that EPG is “”exploring how the implementation of blockchain technology can streamline and enhance our operations and introduce other competitive advantages” and has further stated with regards to the future of digital stamps from EPG:

“The adoption of the latest advancements in digital technology in our operations is also to address the technology-savvy generation who prefers digitally accessible services. As part of our efforts to bridge the gap between traditional postage stamps and the digital world, we are also working to launch more NFT stamps.”

It’s a great positive development for NFTs, and it’s certain that governments around the world are likely to be keeping a close eye on the success or failure of this project as a proof-of-concept exercise, and if fruitful, may end up issuing a few commemorative NFTs of their own.

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, will turn 100 years old in 2026 – Who knows, perhaps her 100th birthday will be commemorated with various physical coins and stamps, as well as a beautiful NFT collection as recognition of both tradition and ever-growing advancement.