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Cryptonaire Weekly Magazine

Cryptonaire Weekly is one of the oldest and trusted sources of Crypto News, Crypto Analysis and information on blockchain technology in the industry, created for the sole purpose to support and guide our Crypto Trading academy clients and subscribers on all the tops, research, analysis and through leadership in the space.

Cryptonaire weekly, endeavours to provide weekly articles, Crypto news and project analysis covering the entire marketplace of the blockchain space. All of us have challenges when facing the crypto market for the first time even blockchain-savvy developers, investors or entrepreneurs with the ever-changing technology its hard to keep up with all the changes, opportunities and areas to be cautious of.

With the steady adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies around the world, we wanted not only to provide all levels of crypto investors and traders a place which has truly great information, a reliable source of technical analysis, crypto news and top emerging projects in the space.

Having been publishing our weekly crypto magazine ‘Cryptonaire Weekly’ for since early 2017 we have had our fingertips at the cusp of this exciting market breaking through highs of 20k for 1 Bitcoin to the lows of $3500 in early 2021.

Our Platinum Crypto Academy clients (students and mentee’s) are always looking for shortcuts to success to minimize expenses and possible loses. This is why we created our Crypto Magazine. Those who wish to invest their assets wisely, stay updated with the latest cryptocurrency news and are interested in blockchain technology will find our Weekly Crypto Magazine a valuable asset!

Top Reasons to Subscribe Cryptonaire Weekly Blog

Top Marketing Analysis – All people have like to envision a better reality for themselves. Cryptonaire Weekly was designed and built to help people have access to best in industry technical analysis, on bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and Ripple (XRP). Are you an investor who prefers to use technical analysis rather than simply intuition to make digital asset investments? If so, Cryptonaire Weekly has weekly technical analysis outlining the top opportunities in the space.

Top crypto News – Crypotnaire weekly presents the top Impacting news stories each week focusing on major impacting crypto news. Our News stories are always referenced and always have been researched for validity and market impact.

Top Crypto Project Analysis – Its very hard for an individual to keep up to date with all that goes on within the crypto space, which projects are hot, which projects are just emerging and which project they need to take note of Cryptonaire Weekly provides in-depth reviews, comments and analysis on all the upcoming projects in the space.