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Until some time ago, only a handful of technology-obsessed individuals knew what cryptocurrencies were all about. However, that scenario has undergone a complete transformation in the past 2 years.

With Bitcoin’s meteoric rise last year, cryptocurrencies trades have garnered massive attention. Almost every investor and even those not interested in speculation technology or trading have now become interested in cryptocurrencies.

Many find the digital currency market extremely lucrative, and interesting. As a result, Bitcoin and a host of other newly launched cryptocurrencies are now being traded by investors globally. This sudden growth of the crypto market has led to the introduction of new digital currencies such as Electroneum.


As the first cryptocurrency from Britain, Electroneum has raised the market’s excitement level further.  Built around its very own blockchain technology, the digital currency has been specifically launched for mobile phone users. Managing and mining on mobile phones is easy. Electroneum has made transactions over mobile phones simple, secure, and easy for users. From purchasing mobile games, sending money, to betting on live games, Electroneum has made life simpler for its users. This is precisely why the cryptocurrency has gained the attention of investors around the world. Many prefer it over other virtual currencies, which are difficult to use or spend. Electroneum also became the favourite cryptocurrency of many investors after it capped its total coins at twenty-one billion.

After installing the app, users can find Electroneum in their wallets using the mining process. The cryptocurrency boasts of some of the most easily accessible and innovative features. Electroneum can be easily accessed via a free app and doesn’t require investors to provide ID or card information. The app allows traders to manage their wallets & send or receive Electroneum in a highly safe and secure manner.

What do people think of Electroneum?

A good number of cryptocurrencies traders are also moving away from Bitcoin as it is difficult to purchase and use. Electroneum’s founder Richard Els decided to introduce Electroneum after many cryptocurrencies available, especially Bitcoin, weren’t easy to use or access.

Today, Electroneum offers tremendous investment opportunities to traders from all walks of life. Despite being volatile, the cryptocurrency market has always attracted traders because of its ability to offer higher returns on crypto investment. At the beginning of 2016, the average ROI for newly launched coins was around 357 percent. In fact, Electroneum’s been a part of this tech transformation and has gained great attention since its ICO launched September 2017. The digital currency has been developed and managed by a group of enterprising and closely-knit developers from Britain. This has made Electroneum less volatile in comparison to other cryptocurrencies available in the market today.

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