Founders of the team behind the Crypto Family (FZC) are excited to announce that the FZC minting is ongoing for community members. It will soon going to close by the end of this April. The FZC ecosystem is an NFT based project with a token that fosters community interaction, maximizes rewards, and drives innovation.

The Crypto Family ecosystem offers a range of utilities that cater to the needs of community members and NFT enthusiasts. These include buying the Family Token and becoming eligible for renting NFTs to have an ongoing passive income across four different cubes. Through these cubes, the FZC community have access to returns through rewards, vouchers, staking, and returns on other affiliated NFT projects.

The Crypto Family team is optimistic about several collaborations from a future perspective, including the Crust Canada and Infinity Brazil for  shallow gold mining ecosystem. Furthermore, FZC family is all set to raise funding for Brazil mining and India E-Scrap refinery project.

The Crypto Family is not just Certik Audited but even KYC compliant, ensuring community members can trust the platform with their participation. FZC is committed to fostering a thriving community and driving innovation in the blockchain and NFT spaces.

Blaz Posinek, the Co-founder and CMO of Crypto Family, stated, “We are thrilled to open the FZC to the community members and look forward to welcoming them into our ecosystem. Our range of utilities and future projects is designed to provide our members with the tools they need to succeed in the blockchain game and NFT spaces with a lifelong passive income.”

In addition, the Founder and CEO of Crypto Family, Nebojsa Katic has commented on the rise of Web3 NFTs arena stating that they are in their premature stage. Crypto Family wants to make it all relevant in the Web3 space by associating it with a passive income for eternity irrespective of the market being in bull or bear phase.

Crypto Family NFTs renting and Family Token (FT) bring an extra source of happiness every day in Web3. Through daily rewards in the form of 8.33%, the $24 cost of renting Family NFTs forms an ecosystem that allows the rewards in the form of FTs deposited on the investor account, which is on auto-withdrawal in the form of various forms of cubes. Together with the Royal Highness of Dubai, Crypto Family wants to explore the future of the earning side of blockchain and other Web3 innovations.

Community members interested in participating in the Crypto Family can visit for more information. The rise of crypto tokens, NFTs, and metaverse has brought disruption to the traditional mainstream gaming industry, with NFTs becoming a mass hit and slowly being adopted due to the continuous use in metaverse ecosystem and quality games entering the unknown, shaping the space together with communities. The entire FZC family wants to be the reason behind the success of the projects to touch on the points of mass adoption of Web3 infrastructure.

For more information about Crypto Family, its Family Token and NFTs, please visit


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