Fren is a unique social landscape leveraging blockchain technology. It intends to create a community where members can meet to learn together, play together and invest in projects jointly. It has already gained traction and currently boasts of over 5,000 token holders. This token is currently trading in three exchanges and plans are underway to list it in more centralised exchanges. It is currently listed in Poloniex, BKEX and Uniswap. This token has a current market cap of over $400K. Its social media handles are also active and it currently boasts of a membership of over 2,000 members on its telegram group.

This platform is redefining social networking by introducing new features to its community members. All these are against the backdrop of blockchain technology, which promotes anonymity and privacy. Firstly, the platform has a unique social platform known as OnlyFrens. This is a social platform where members come together to share experiences, network and interact with each other. OnlyFrens also organises feel-good events, where members meet to have a great time. Content creators within this network are also rewarded with tokens.

Secondly, the platform has a Decentralised Exchange, known as FrenDEX. On this exchange, members come to gain insight on the markets, as well as ideas on which assets to trade. Top traders within the platform share strategies on how best to beat the market. Other traders get a chance to learn and profit from these strategies.

Thirdly, the platform has a DAO known as FrenDAO. This DAO is responsible for voting on the direction of the platform. Token holders can vote directly or assign a proxy to vote on their behalf. Whatever the DAO votes on is what the developers will work on. The DAO will be responsible for voting on things such as new features and products to be added on the platform, rewards to be given to community members, and also influencers that the platform can approach.

Finally, the platform has exclusive NFTS that will be given to community members. These NFTs can be traded on secondary exchanges. They can also be used as profile pictures.

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