Social Trading (a form of investing that allows investors to observe and directly copy the trading behavior of expert traders) is a concept you may have seen on traditional trading sites, but maxxer does things differently. They are a community driven & regulated crypto exchange, that brings crypto novices and experts together.

The aim of our exchange is to lower the doorstep for people who want to get involved, but have  no idea where to start.’ – Salomo van Mook, CBDO of maxxer. 

Users can either follow top traders on maxxer and automatically copy their trades, or become  Social Traders themselves and compete in the maxxer social trading league for huge rewards.  The league also acts as a qualifier for users to choose the best Social Trader, with badges and achievements clearly shown on their profile pictures! Social Trading is such a simple concept  that is yet to be used on a crypto exchange, with massive upside potential; ‘it allows people to  make money hands-free’. 

maxxer was founded by veteran crypto enthusiasts who have combined decades of experience  in crypto investing and business development. The group is now 30+ people, made up of  worldwide skilled developers, marketers and young crypto adopters who have put extensive  work and research into producing the best exchange possible. 

The development of the maxxer exchange started in 2020, with over €1.5m raised in seed  capital alone. It will have all the functions of a crypto exchange like Binance or Kucoin, as well  as intuitive copy trading features, a social network and an incredibly interactive league system.  They are serious about bringing social trading to crypto! 

A sense of community and gamified experience are what the biggest exchanges are missing’. 

To help facilitate the exchange, maxxer also has its own $MXXR token. The €1m private sale  was filled by keen investors, and is in its 25% discount stage until the 14th March. $MXXR has  major benefits for holders, like 50% discounted trading fees when using $MXXR as a pair,  automatic raffle entry into quarterly lotteries and even having a say in major charity donations  along with much more! If you’d like to learn more and get in early on $MXXR it’s currently  purchasable at a discount here:  The maxxer exchange launches in Q2, with the closed beta trading ‘Kickoff Competition’  starting in April they are welcoming applicants now! They truly believe their exchange will make  Social Trading the new meta in crypto, and with the advantage of being the first major movers,  maxxer is the one to watch in 2022.

Discussing the Maxxer Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah noted, “ It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons like how Maxxer does. We are truly excited to share the Maxxer project and explain its fundamentals to our readers and how maxxer is the first centralised and regulated crypto exchange that focuses and rewards a communal and social trading system! We are certain that we will have more about this promising venture in our subsequent publications.”

A quote from Salomo van Mook, CBDO of maxxer, “Not only from a numbers driven viewpoint but also for the friendly team, Platinum have been great for maxxer’s exposure. Our goal is providing a community driven, gamified trading exchange and Platinum have helped us in showing this to a new audience! Their response time is great and the finished product is more than satisfactory, looking forward to our next publication!”

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