The adoption of blockchain technology in the adult industry is on the rise, as blockchain brings huge benefits to consumers, models, and companies. With cryptocurrencies, you can pay with ease and in an effortless manner, eliminating the barriers and censorship which are present with traditional payment processors. One such project is XMetaFans, a VR-based, adult industry project that will bring content creators onto the blockchain. By offering censorship-resistant, affordable, legal, and compliant services, the project aims to specifically address the needs of the $100B entertainment industry.

XMetaFans’ crypto-based business model will also give adult industry workers more control over their finances when they use them in the adult industry. Our wallets will prevent pimps, brothels, or corrupt government officials from pocketing the earnings of adult content creators.

The XMetaFans Project: Some major features

Stream VR content on a dedicated platform. XMetaFans utilises VR technology to create a platform for streaming VR content.

Getting paid for live performances. Using native tokens and incentive models, we are creating a revolutionary platform to monetise content and live performances in full HD, 4K, 3D, and VR.

Decentralised payment platform. Content creators will be rewarded for their work and provided with an anonymity layer.

Marketplace for NFT. On XMetaFans, fans can purchase and trade unique collectibles such as non-fungible tokens and other unique collections.

XMetaFans launchpad. The mission of XMetaFans is to establish itself as the governing ecosystem of the crypto world in the adult entertainment industry. As part of our launchpad, all technical, legal, marketing, and community growth aspects are handled by our team.

XMetaFans will be the industry’s first mover, leading the charge. It’s a fact that performers and content creators don’t receive adequate compensation in the entertainment industry. XMetaFans will allow creators to maximise their income by ensuring instant payment. They can then devote their efforts to what they love. Content creators and performers will be able to access a native currency instead of intermediaries who currently extract exorbitant commissions. XMetaFans will be provided with instant, safe, and secure online payments by using a tokenised system.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, talking about the potential of XMetaFans, has said, “The company’s mission is to bring the entertainment industry into the blockchain era. Their goal is to mobilize models and fans by providing an open platform, decentralized for peer-to-peer interactions. This will provide adult models and fans with a way to harness the power of anonymity through cryptocurrency. In general, the project has great potential to disrupt the current model of the adult industry.”

Tiberiu Nedelea, co-founder and CEO of XMetaFans says that, “The world has never seen anything like this, it’s ambitious, everybody told us but we’re not afraid— it’s exciting and just the type of project we love to take on! We really hope to get maximum exposure to our project with Platinum’s help and we’re also offering the weekly users the chance to take an active role in growing this project together. We are determined to empower our referrals through a highly rewarding affiliate program. Take part now!”

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