These are some testimonials from our clients who love PLATINUM CRYPTO ACADEMY

Ledger will continue to invest in resources that will allow the next generation of crypto users to educate themselves with high-quality content”, said Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger. “The Platinum Crypto Academy has done a marvelous job educating the public about the crypto-financial freedom movement. This partnership aligns with our values to make crypto simple, accessible, and easier to navigate.


A short quote by the Dirty Finance CEO saying “It’s an exciting time at Dirty Finance with the staking being released on Tuesday the 17th of August. Staking will add a completely new dynamic to our ecosystem, and give our holders a passive income. We will keep strategising our releases to optimise the return on investment for our holders, with this release they will receive dividends in beautiful and exclusive sellable NFT’s. We will be looking to build on this and move in a $DIRTY NFT marketplace and $DIRTY Casino. This is a big release for us, but we will have much bigger further down the line and we are very happy with the work the Cryptonaire Weekly Publication is doing to get us the maximum exposure that is required to ensure we have a successful release. Keep watching this space for more updates”

- Dirty finance

“KOJI has made it’s mission to be a force for good and we are excited to be partnered with the Platinum Crypto Academy team, who’s years of experience in Crypto education and extensive market analysis has been invaluable to many new investors. We believe that through this partnership, we can bring KOJI to a group of dedicated crypto professionals and set the bar high for how a complete comic series can be brought to another level through NFTs!”


“The Platinum Crypto Academy is the first marketing company which keeps its promise. I know what I am talking about. We have been “burned“ a few times. From the very beginning the service was of top quality, and continues to be. We would recommend their services to any serious project. A big “Bravo” to the team.“ says Arthur from Geoma Dao Coop, Governance Council.


“Our partnership with Platinum Crypto Academy will enable us to expand the reach of our AABBG token and AABB Wallet. We’re excited about leveraging Platinum Crypto Academy’s crypto community and knowledge to educate users on our leading gold-backed crypto products,” continues Chris Torres.

- Asia Broadband

“Our goal is to help clients optimize investment flexibility and maximize investment returns over the long term,” says Michael Wu, Co-founder, and CEO of Amber Group. “By working with Platinum Crypto Academy, we aim to offer our streamlined crypto finance experience to more clients around the world.”


Gala Games was founded with one goal in mind: to give power back to the gamers. Their mission is to enable freedom through play. Founded by Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga, and operated by a global and diverse group of gamers, art enthusiasts, and geek-culture aficionados, Gala Games seeks to bring the best of these worlds into the blockchain space through creating NFTs that last and giving freedom to both creators and collectors. Gala Games has global teams in the United States, the UK, and Korea, and is actively expanding to reach new groups globally. More information about Gala Games is available on their website,, and in their Discord at


Here’s what Alan Omnet, World Mobile COO had to say about the partnership, “Our partnership with MELD is an important piece of the World Mobile ecosystem and technology stack. We’re excited to work together to deliver decentralized finance in order to bank the unbanked.”


“By working with Platinum Crypto Academy, we aim to offer our DeFi Governance and Deflationary combo experience to their users around the world along with the value growth on their investments in a single token.” says Ashok Gautam, Co-founder and Authorised Representative from Pylon Fintech.

- Pylon Eco Token

“Our chief goal is to civilize and professionalize the DeFi ecosystem, and the primary weapon in our arsenal is education.” says Alexander “Sasha” Lisin, Founder of the ClearMoon Network and CEO of Doxxbox Ltd. “In this regard, our partnership with Platinum Crypto Academy has a natural common purpose, empowering investors and increasing accessibility to this particularly lucrative and rapidly-evolving space.”


“We are happy to be featured on Platinum Crypto Academy” says Bogusz Kończak CEO at Subme. “We need to create strong partnerships with companies involved in the crypto market. Subme is the essence of partnerships, we aim to help companies and people stay connected, using services they love!”


Commenting on their appointment, a spokesperson at Platinum stated, “Platinum Crypto Academy has been at the forefront of driving the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies. Our partnership with iZOBi will enable us to expand the platform’s reach. With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we are committed to supporting crypto-oriented platforms and providing crypto users with recent updates and educational resources about the leading crypto platforms.”


“RooCoin will continue to invest in resources that will allow for greater exposure to crypto users”, said Ashley Ward, CEO of RooCoin.


“Some cryptocurrency payment platforms often cause delays during the blockchain settlement process, which might cause a low availability of tokens for users to use for transactions. This may render the cryptocurrency world useless with a slow payment method. This is why TICAN has researched and done analysis to see that this flaws of what users could face during token transactions, can be handled. Hence we created a blockchain to power the fastest payment method and gateway ever.”


Sharing more information about the platform, Paul Barroso, Co-founder & CEO of Atani, stated, “We started investing in Bitcoin back in 2013 and have experienced first-hand the growing sophistication and fragmentation of the crypto market. The pains of interacting with different exchanges, managing multiple trading tools, or dealing with taxes drove us to build Atani.”

- Atani

“We are very pleased to have secured a financial partner with exceptional experience and know-how in the media industry for IQONIQ. The challenges that have come this year with the pandemic have in many ways, reinforced and supported our vision to bring fans closer to their stars, no matter where they are in the world. With this new investment, we will be able to continue our growth alongside new partners and accelerate our plans to revolutionise the world of fan engagement.”


“The launch of our native utility token on the most promising blockchain out there really pushes our vision forward,” says RJ Katunda, CXO Africa of World Mobile Token Ltd. “WMT will fuel our ecosystem to empower thousands to obtain access to basic necessities including identification, education, banking and other fundamental services.”


We believe that PCA will be our main motor that drives our project to where we wanted it to be and to showcase to everyone whom we hope to show to. They exactly have the muscle we need to bring our vision for our community into reality. Together, we can deliver our most anticipated offering across the masses, reaching every corners of all borders and introducing everyone to the world of decentralization” From Kaiken CEO aka Coinsniper


“Ferrum Network continues to incubate projects and invest in technologies and services that are paramount to blockchain’s success. It’s truly a pleasure to be partnering with Platinum Crypto Academy, that has continued to educate public and provide information about the blockchain industry and projects alike.  This partnership is a natural outcome of common values and goals in making the world of blockchain one step closer to the public widespread adoption.”


Vaibhav Kadikar, CEO of CloseCross, said “We are extremely proud of getting noticed by an established and well respected trader academy. We will be happy to provide the information and resources needed for the academy to help spread the word on the many benefits of our platform. This promises to be a true win-win”


Manual Blanco Founder of Gaugecash expressed “It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Platinum Crypto Academy to reach their audience. Gaugecash needs the support for quality organisations to bring attention to the project to help bring adoption, Platinum Crypto Academy having developed an audience dedicated to cryptos over the past 4 years is a perfect partner for us and we are excited to be featured in Cryptonaire weekly”.


Nick Jones added: “It’s a great time to get involved with crypto and joining the new economy is becoming easier every day. We hope the partnership between Zumo and Platinum Crypto Academy will help to demystify blockchain and show how easy it is to get involved in the smart money revolution.”


“We are happy to publish our project on Platinum Crypto Academy’s platform. We like the value PCA provides by educating people about the crypto industry and we believe that you will also see the value we provide after reading about our project.

Thank You!”  PointPay


Bitcoin veteran and founder of BitcoinVend, Christopher Cousins: “We’ve created a straightforward product that anyone can easily use. If you can turn on your phone, you can use BitcoinVend to buy, sell or accept crypto payments.”