Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

Once a week Platinum Crypto Academy publishes an in-depth publication and dedicated article for covering Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Weekly, sharing exactly how we will be approaching the cryptocurrency markets specifically Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Chainlink.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Weekly – Why We Are Confident

The professional trading experience our team gained over 10+ years trading the Forex markets, Commodities and Stocks has helped us develop high performing approaches in the cryptocurrency market. We are providing the very best crypto market analysis.

We will always cover two types of technical analysis in each article providing key trading levels as well as fundamental market analysis on the crypto currency marketplace.

Short Term And Long Term Market Analysis

Our Technical Analysis will cover both Short-term technical analysis the period in between a day and a week, with emphasis on small price changes and patterns and Long-term technical analysis ranging between a month and a year.