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If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency industry, you might have noticed just an ever-so-slight buzz around Bitcoin, ETH, DeFi and the more recent NFT's available. Read our latest crypto blog for latest updates about profit and loss in cryptocurrency.

The ongoing development of the technology has attracted a massive amount of new institutional cryptocurrency investing. 2017 was the year crypto blew up, the market cap of all cryptocurrencies was around $21 billion in March 2017, whereas it is now over $1.6 Trillion.

While cryptocurrencies investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and more can also be traded in the short term, you could consider investing in the newer cryptocurrencies for even greater possible returns.

Platinum Crypto Academy strives to provide the best cryptocurrency investment content with in-depth articles describing what challenges society or a specific industry face and how a particular project is looking to help.

Focusing on key fundamental and technical analysis our cryptocurrency investment articles are a primary resource for our trading academy clients and subscribers.

MainFrame: The #1 Content Creator Guild powered by the Cryptocurrency Integration

Content creators are becoming more creative by the day and end users are streaming to obtain the best of what the market has to offer. Many content creators are raising concerns over issues of privacy, ownership, pay and piracy. Also, cases of poor pay due to involvement of intermediaries are bringing about high costs of production for individuals.

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The healthcare industry is working towards equal opportunity in service provision for individuals worldwide. Meeting this objective is not an easy task, but with the recent creation of R-DEE, an all-in-one ecosystem and network, it seems possible to meet global healthcare needs not just on patient-doctor requirements but also on distributors and professionals. These capabilities are available under one platform, making it possible to streamline, expand, and upgrade individual healthcare services all under one roof.

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Artex, the First Blockchain-based Marketplace for Selling and Investing in Artwork

The ‘Mona Lisa’ painting has been the talk of the art world since the 16th century, with its value going to heights that not many people predicted. However, the art industry has grown and gained relevance in the investment sector. Who would have thought that there would come a time when fine art would be linked to one of the most outstanding yet controversial technologies, blockchain tech? This venture is attracting crypto investors into the art industry, thus widening the industry’s target gap.

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Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

Once a week Platinum Crypto Academy publishes an in-depth publication and dedicated article for covering Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Weekly, sharing exactly how we will be approaching the cryptocurrency markets specifically Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Chainlink.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Weekly - Why We Are Confident

The professional trading experience our team gained over 10+ years trading the Forex markets, Commodities and Stocks has helped us develop high performing approaches in the cryptocurrency market. We are providing the very best crypto market analysis.We will always cover two types of technical analysis in each article providing key trading levels as well as fundamental market analysis on the crypto currency marketplace.

Short Term And Long Term Market Analysis

Our Technical Analysis will cover both Short-term technical analysis the period in between a day and a week, with emphasis on small price changes and patterns and Long-term technical analysis ranging between a month and a year.

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The first chemical company worldwide to go Blockchain. Until mid of October a private Sale for investors is running, prior to the upfollowing planned public listings on several prominent crypto exchanges. The 2021 winner of the „Global Green Product Award“ for circular materials and „Imagine Chemistry winner 2019“ will set
new ecologic standards in the industrial cleaning.

Mandala Exchange – Powered by Binance Cloud

he team at Mandala Exchange is extremely honored to be a part of the Platinum Crypto Academy community. At Mandala Exchange we value community first, above all. We are excited to join such a thriving ecosystem, and share in the education, progression, and adoption of such a powerful industry. “ Quote from their CEO


Art maintains its uniqueness for tens of thousands of years in terms of the values ​​it represents. From primitive cave paintings, Masaccio’s perspective abbreviation, and Duchamp’s Urinal to today’s NFT madness

Cryptonaire Weekly to Publish its 200th Edition

Cryptonaire Weekly, the number one crypto trading magazine, by Platinum Crypto Academy, will be publishing its 200th Edition, keeping you updated on the latest cryptocurrency developments. Cryptonaire Weekly is proud to announce the publishing of its 200th edition of the magazine this week, since it was established in 2017.

The Kanaloa Network – a new way of doing things

Kanaloa Network is a decentralized finance token and blockchain solutions provider focused on lowering the technical barrier and broadening the gateway into the world of DeFi. Kanaloa Network is the “NEBULA OF DEFI”, providing casual users an array of user-friendly products and the ability to safely participate in the exciting world of blockchain and decentralized finance with ease.

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