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Established in 2016,, also known as CRO Protocol Labs, has been created to provide people with the option to control their data, identity, and money. With more than three million people already on their platform, offers a potent alternative to the traditionally available financial services.

In this article, find out everything you need to know about and how the platform is useful for buying, selling, earning, and tracking cryptocurrencies.


Headquartered in Hong Kong and with over a 500 member team, the platform facilitates buying, selling, storing, sending & tracking of cryptocurrencies securely. If you are looking to purchase and sell seven fiat as well as more than 80 cryptocurrencies, then is a great place to begin.


The platform offers fiat to cryptocurrency gateway services for wallets, exchanges, and other crypto businesses. The platform offers local and global payment methods and zero chargebacks, as well as easy and hassle-free integrations to your platforms. Users can either integrate Banxa with their existing platforms or via an iFrame widget. They can also build their fiat to cryptocurrency gateway using JSON API.

Established in 2018, Nuo provides a decentralized and transparent cryptocurrency banking platform for the emerging markets. It provides a non-custodial method for lending, borrowing, or margin trading cryptocurrency assets. The platform allows its users to create a debt reserve as well as earn interest on their cryptocurrency assets with minimal effort. Built atop the ETH protocol, Nuo Network is supported by the renowned ConsenSys Ventures, as well as has an overall value of nearly $10.7 million locked in the smart contracts.

Founded in 2018, Kava Labs has developed the Kava blockchain, which is also the very first cross-blockchain Decentralized Finance platform that allows traders to hedge and leverage with the multi-collateral CDP mechanism as well as collateral based stablecoin. Kava Labs offers DeFi solutions like bonds, stable coins, as well as lending to cryptocurrency users across different blockchain networks. As far as Kava CDP is concerned, it is secured by over 100 validators, which means your assets are always very safe and secure. Since 2017, Kava Labs has made use of its blockchain solutions to offer services to Tendermint/Cosmos, Ripple, MakerDao, Tezos, and other popular blockchain projects.

Since 2017, the Kava Labs team has used its blockchain expertise to provide solutions to Ripple, Tendermint/Cosmos, Tezos, MakerDao, and many other leading blockchain projects.

Established in 2013 in Nairobi, BitPesa functions as a foreign digital exchange, as well as a payment platform, for leading markets.  It leverages blockchain solutions to minimize costs and improve the speed at which business payments are made to as well as from the frontier markets. BitPesa is credited to be the market-maker as far as different African currencies are concerned. It has helped to open business corridors for carrying out trade and payments between the frontier markets as well as the remaining world. It was also the first blockchain firm to attain a license from the UK’s FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and thus follows strict KYC practices.


Built on a strong foundation of privacy, security as well as compliance, has ISO/IEC 27701:2019, CCSS Level 3, ISO27001:2013, and PCI: DSS 3.2.1, Level 1 compliance.  Through its unique offerings, and value has managed to redefine how funds are being moved, spent as well as invested. The platform has also managed to democratize blockchain by creating simple, beautiful as well as useful financial solutions that leave a positive and lasting impact on the lives of people.

Given the challenges being encountered in the adoption of cryptocurrency, the makers of resolved to set up a platform/system that enabled people to tackle those very hurdles with ease and convenience. To better tackle those challenges, decided to offer products in 3 different verticals including, payment, trading, and financial services.’s goal is to offer payment solutions for driving adoption as well as user acquisition while also building financial and trading services as the primary sources of earning revenue. This strategy helps them to design a cycle wherein the payment channels help to bring the users on the platform while financial and trading services create revenue for further reinvestment.

The company believes that a poorly crafted user experience fails to satisfy as well as delight the users. Also, a weak value proposition does not incentivize individuals to utilize crypto for reasons apart from speculative trading. As a result, emphasizes offering both security & compliance to enable mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.


  1. Payment – Pay and Visa Card
  2. Trading – Exchange and App
  3. Financial Services – Crypto Earn and DeFi Products

It must be noted that Chain is the native blockchain service offered by It powers payments at and will also support their financial and trading services and products listed.

Also, Coin (CRO), the native digital token of the blockchain, will power its products as well as provide a rich token experience and utility across multiple use cases.


In case you are looking to accept payments in cryptocurrency, you can use’s Pay UI option to receive money. Users are required to pay no fees or low fees for settling in cryptocurrency. Alternatively, they can save 80percent of the fees as opposed to the usual payment processors. lets users accept payments in BTC, CRO, LTC, ETH. In addition to this, users can accept cryptocurrency, as well as get paid in their desired fiat currency including, USD, EUR, and CAD. One of the major advantages of using the payment wallet on is that it can be easily set up and is also very easy to access/use.

Thus, users can set up their wallets in just a couple of minutes, as well as manage and view payments conveniently using the dashboard. Another benefit of the wallet is that it is well-integrated with Woo Commerce, Ecwid, Opencart, Ovei, and Nop Commerce.


As far as Pay is concerned, it is a unique mobile payment solution that enables you to pay in or/and receive crypto anytime, anywhere for free of cost. Powered by the Chain, Pay offers the following benefits:

⦁ No or low fees. Users are required to pay zero fees for processing of settlements in cryptocurrency or save as much as 80% on the fees, as opposed to the usual payment processors.

⦁ Low risk & low volatility provided by allowing users to accept crypto or/and get payment in their desired fiat currency.

⦁ Set up, manage, and view payments easily and in just a couple of minutes.

⦁ By and for the developers. has made it convenient to initiate accepting of cryptos.


Pay Checkout: With Pay Checkout customers can check out as well as make payments in cryptocurrency or/and merchants to acquire cryptocurrency as an extra option for payment. It offers several advantages to the customers and merchants.

To begin with, Pay Checkout is intuitive and convenient to use for customers and merchants. The customers make payment in cryptos by utilizing the Pay option while on the merchant’s checkout page. The customer gets a QR code, which he/she can use to make payments either using the App or with the help of a decentralized supported wallet.

Once complete, the account of the customer gets debited, whereas the merchant gets paid immediately, either in preferred cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Thus, emphasizes providing an effortless and unique customer experience while completing every payment in just a couple of taps using their mobile phones.

Also, merchants can easily implement Pay with the help of just a few codes and get the option of accepting payments in both crypto and fiat currency. This means that customers enjoy reduced costs of transaction as opposed to 1-3percent fees applicable in the case of other methods of payment. This enables merchants to offer customer incentives for driving transactions and enjoy easy integration along with documentation.

Pay Gift Cards: Pay Gift Cards allows Application users to shop at popular brands using cryptocurrency and enjoy cashback in terms of CRO with every purchase. offers gift cards via brands in multiple categories such as games, hotels, airlines, fashion, retail, food & beverage, gas & diesel, telecommunication, taxi services, entertainment as well as grocery.

Users can easily find popular brands like Google Play, iTunes, Starbucks, Amazon, Nike, and others, with many brands being added frequently.

Pay Airtime Top-Up: With Pay Airtime, Application users can make p,ments using mobile airtime top-up through Pay in cryptos including ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, as well as CRO. With just a couple of clicks using the Application, users can easily top-up airtime for their mobile numbers provided by more than three hundred and forty prepaid mobile phone network operators, such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Airtel, Verizon among others, in more than 100 nations across the globe. Users also get the option of topping-up their mobile numbers or that of the others anywhere, anytime.

Pay Your Friends: Pay Your Friends enables users to make payments to their friends & acquaintances in cryptocurrency as well as earn rewards through the entire exercise. Users could pay their near and dear ones in any crypto for free. Also, if a user pays his/her friend back using the CRO tokens, then the sender is rewarded with as much as 10% cashback on the same transaction. Thus, aims to introduce the concept of cryptocurrency among their friends through the Pay Your Friend payment option.

With Pay Your Friends, the platform looks forward to providing a free and instant user experience, thereby improving global adoption



One-stop destination to buy, store, send, sell, and track cryptocurrency securely and conveniently with just a couple of clicks.

The best place to purchase cryptocurrency at actual cost:’s Vortex Trading Engine amasses liquidity from leading global exchanges as well as sends orders to them for achieving the best execution prices. Thanks to their extensive coverage of the fiat currencies as well as easy to use application interface, Application has become the best place for buying cryptos.


When trading through, users can easily purchase and sell cryptos using their fiat digital wallets or/and with a debit or credit card. The App supports as many as 7 fiat currencies and around 55 cryptocurrencies.

Alternatively, users can also instantly send cryptocurrency to users of the App without the need to pay any fees or withdraw cryptocurrency to an external wallet with minimum fixed fees.

The application also provides charts in double currencies (BTC, USD) as well as different frames of time including 8 Hours, 1 Day, 1 Week, 3 Months, 6 Months.


The App allows users to manage and apply for Visa Card to permit them to spend their cryptos in the offline and online world at over 40 million merchants across the globe. Other functions supported by the Application include:

⦁ Conversion of crypto into fiat currency, ready for being spent (including GBP, USD, SGD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD)

⦁ Permit card withdrawal, freezing/unfreezing of card

⦁ Upgrading card tier

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CRYPTO.COM WALLET wallet enables users to exercise control over their private keys. As a result, they can freely receive and send cryptocurrency directly through the blockchain. Some of the prominent features of the mobile application include:

Full Control – Users enjoy complete control of their keys and cryptocurrencies. They can easily import any of the existing decentralized wallets using a 12 or 18 or 24-word recovery password/phrase to the wallet on

Security – The private keys can be locally encrypted on the device of the customer, safeguarded by biometrics, passcode as well as 2-factor authentication.

Flexibility – Easily send cryptocurrency at your desired confirmation speed as well as network fee.

Convenience – Connect with the application and access the wide range of cryptocurrency financial services provided by

As far as the Wallet is concerned, it is crafted for users of all levels including, beginners that further helps them to remain at ease while placing their first transactions. Also, experienced users can make use of the advanced features available on the wallet (particularly phrase for backup recovery as well as receiving and sending crypto).

Those looking to download the wallet can either use Google Play or App Store, depending upon their preference.


The Decentralized Finance Wallet helps you to easily control your data, funds, as well as security. The wallet is crafted to provide you with full control as well as secured storage and custody of cryptocurrencies. In case you wish to switch from your other user-custodied existing wallets such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet, and Metamask to the Defi wallet, then the process is pretty simple.

To do that you will have to import your present wallet using a 12 or 18 or 24-word recovery password/phrase to’s Defi Wallet. Once the wallet has been successfully imported, you can access and manage your cryptocurrencies in the Defi Wallet.

WHAT DIFFERENTIATES CRYPTO.COM WALLETT FROM CRYPTO.COM APP? Decentralized Finance Wallet is essentially a user-custodied digital wallet that lets you be the custodian. This implies that you get to fully access as well as control your cryptocurrency private keys. You have full beneficial and legal titles to all your cryptos once they have been stored within the Defi Wallet, unlike the centralized custodian present on the App. Thus, you don’t require any account for storing, sending as well as receiving cryptocurrency within the Wallet.

However, App is essentially a cryptocurrency asset brokerage that functions as the custodian as well as stores your cryptocurrency for you. Using the App, users can instruct the platform to manage your cryptocurrencies on behalf of you, without controlling your private keys. Thus, you can comfortably manage as well as exchange your cryptocurrency with fiat currencies without the need to worry about losing the private keys. Also, users enjoy speedy access to their varied financial products, which further enables them to trade, spend, and grow their cryptos.


In case you are searching for mining opportunities on then you could do the same with Supercharger. The introduction of Supercharger on the Exchange lets users securely, flexibly, and simply mine for the popular Decentralized Finance projects. One of the first projects to be introduced on Supercharger was UNI or Uniswap with an allocation of $500,000.

Thus, users of the exchange can receive the UNI digital tokens as part of a reward for depositing the CRO digital tokens within the Supercharger pool.


If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies then the Exchange is the right place to begin. It allows users to trade cryptocurrency at their ease and enjoy several benefits such as:

  • Deep liquidity and access to best execution pricing.
  • Competitive fee along with high-volume trading accounts for free
  • Opportunities to engage in events like discounted digital token distributions (Syndicate) as well as trading activity based competitions (such as Trading Arena).
  • Institutional-quality infrastructure that offers fully resilient, horizontally scalable as well as fully resilient components.

The Exchange was introduced with a spot trading function and many promotions & features that are being included in the platform for delivering a gamut of trading oriented services for both corporate and retail users. In addition to this, the Exchange facilitates CRO liquidity with CRO based activities and CRO trading crypto pairs.’s Vortex Liquidity Engine provides customers with access to liquidity pools as well as best execution pricing on their Exchange through their desktops or the exchange API. It supports the cryptocurrency trading pair with a prominent market capitalization as well as volumes like ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, USDC as well as more, and the CRO token.

The exchange fees are based on the volume of trading as well as CRO staking. The more volume or/and the more amount of CRO you stake, the lower would be your trading fees. Apart from this, users also get discounts as part of their trading fees, in case they pay the fees in CRO.


The Syndicate, on the other hand, is a unique platform that offers discounted tokens platform on the Exchange and is powered by CRO token. It helps projects to raise awareness as well as ensure user education in the process. The project that chooses to list on the platform can offer to allocate their own digital token for distributing on the Exchange to users with a discount of nearly 50percent.



  • CRO stake as well as earn: Users can easily stake the CRO token for as many as 180 days on the Exchange as well as earn as much as 20% interest on an annual basis.
  • Soft-staking: With Soft Staking, users get a fresh way to acquire rewards to the tune of nearly 5% in terms of annual interest on cryptos held within the Exchange. These rewards are provided on flexible terms and no ‘locking-up’ is needed. The maximum limit for soft-staking varies based on the cryptocurrency, as well as users who stake more CRO on the Exchange automatically become eligible for high limits.
  • CRYPTO.COM DEFI SWAP DeFi Swap has been crafted to function as the best platform for swapping and farming DeFin crypto coins at the best rates available while leveraging audited and proven protocols an excellent incentive program that is duly powered by the CRO token.

    Thus, LPs (Liquidity Providers) are incentivized for their contribution to different liquidity pools and Tripple yield via:

    ⦁ Swap-fee sharing option for liquidity providers

    ⦁ CRO DeFi Yield for liquidity providers who stake CRO

    ⦁ Bonus yield for liquidity providers from selective pools.

    Thus, DeFi Swap functions as the decentralized protocol, which is deployed within the Ethereum blockchain. Every transaction record, like on-chain deposits as well as withdrawals, is transparent on the blockchain network.

    As far as is concerned, its role is to provide technology and thus contribute to product development.


    Apart from the above-mentioned products, also offers numerous decentralized products such as lending services/decentralized borrowing, decentralized cards, etc.

    Crypto Earn

    With Crypto Earn, which is included in the App, users get to capitalize on the holdings while still retaining ownership. Crypto Earn provides users with much-needed freedom to expand their cryptocurrency assets as well as earn attractive annual interest rates on multiple cryptocurrencies. Thus, users can easily deposit cryptos and acquire interest and they get 3 holding options including, a flexible holding term, 3-month fixed term, and one month fixed term.

    Crypto Credit

    Crypto Credit provides users with spending power that further enables them to easily monetize their cryptocurrency assets without actually selling it. As a result, users enjoy the following benefits:

    ⦁ Acquire the required credit limit, and not what is given to them.

    ⦁ Instant deposit of credit in their cryptocurrency wallet which they can spend comfortably.

    ⦁ Pay whenever they intend to without any stated deadlines.

    ⦁ No need for any credit check.

    Thus, Crypto Credit, which is also offered as a part of the app allows users to :

    ⦁ Deposit cryptos as collateral for borrowing a cryptocurrency loan.

    ⦁ The supported collateral cryptocurrencies include ETH, BTC, XRP, EOS, XLM, and CRO.

    Once the requisite collateral has been deposited, users get an instant loan in their cryptocurrency wallet in the App. The supported loan fiat currencies are TUSD, PAX, USDC, and USDT. Users who stake CRO will get preferential loan rates of interest. Private also offers Private, which is a pack of premium rewards as well as advantages designed for their Rose Gold, Obsidian, as well as Icy White VISA cardholders. This comes along with their other advantages for the holders of these cards that include as much as 8% cashback on spending, Expedia and Airbnb rebates as well as other benefits.


    All the members of the Private will get access to different crypto-based services such as:

    ⦁ Over The Counter CRO block trades

    ⦁ Access to all the research reports shared by

    ⦁ Inheritance services such as support related to estate handling that are further connected to the assets.

    In addition to this,’s referral programs are also the most powerful and beneficial programs that one may have ever witnessed.’s BG25 program enables users to offer gifts to the referees as much as $25 USD and receive $25 USD as part of their efforts. In order to receive the bonus amount of $25 USD, the referee must first download the application, as well as stake 2500 CRO tokens for securing the premium MCO Visa Card.


    1. Slashed Staking Rewards After User Base Touches Top 5 Million (

    After’s user base reaches the 5 million mark, the company announced a 70percent slash in the staking rewards for the CRO token. This milestone came only 3 months post the platform’s first exceeded 3 million users. Also, has witnessed tremendous growth after the platform reached 1 million users in September 2019, as well as tripled its client base over 9 months.

    2. Overtakes Tesla (

    The token has rallied by over 7 times in 2021. As a result users of the exchange have been promised around 20% in terms of annual interest. The outcome of this push has been staggering. As a result, CRO has clinched the 9th position on the list of the biggest cryptocurrencies of the world, with a market cap of around $3.4 billion. This is much more when compared to the exceptional profits of more than 400 percent for Tesla.

    3. Introduces Visa Card for Users in Canada. (

    The platform offers visa cards to users in Canada and shipping is set to commence in January 2021. Although the company unveiled its visa cards in Singapore in Oct 2018, it made headlines after launching the same in the United States in Jul 2019. Based in Hong Kong, the exchange looks forward to taking advantage of the fast-emerging Canadian financial market with its latest initiative.

    4. acquires Australian Financial Service License (

    Crypto debit card and exchange provider, completed its acquisition of the Australian Financial Services Company that will further help the company to secure an AFSL (Australian Financial Service License). The firm acquired (known as The Card Group Pty Ltd.) specializes in the mobile, prepaid card, as well as wearable solutions, and will help to enhance cardholders’ engagement.

    5. Secures High Ratings on Security and Privacy ( announced that a 3rd party auditing company has provided the company with high ratings as far as security and privacy are concerned. The ratings were provided based on a certain standard created by a U.S. Department of Commerce unit. Auditor SGS carried out the assessment and revealed that the platform has an excellent rating i.e. Adaptive (Tier 4).


    To sum up, if you are searching for a crypto platform that lets you send, buy, trade, earn, and track cryptocurrencies then is the best option. The platform offers a wide range of trading, payment, and DeFi options that are ideal for users who are looking to maximize their opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency.

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