What is CBerry Protocol?

CBerry protocol is a content sharing system that uses blockchain technology, and it runs on the Binance Smart Chain. The users or members of this platform are rewarded with the tokens CBY and CBR. Users can also be tipped using these tokens for any quality content they share. The CBerry protocol has incorporated Decentralized Finance Swap (DeFiSwap) and a Loan infrastructure for solid content creation and a rewarding ecosystem. CBerry’s main goal is to become the most rewarding and stable content creation terminal running on blockchain technology. Before delving deeper into CBerry protocol, first look at the problems faced by the normal content sharing platform.


Non-Blockchain-related content sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and others have always been the most successful content sharing terminals. These platforms are often known as social media platforms. Social media platforms are the terminals that only reward those who have amassed a large number of followers and the views gotten from their content.

Most of the social media platforms are guided by stern rules that mostly flag crypto-related content as illegal. This prevents the full crypto expressions by cryptocurrency enthusiasts on those social media platforms.

Steemit is the only content-sharing platform that runs on blockchain technology.  It will be amusing to know that this platform isn’t the only content-sharing terminal that runs on the blockchain network. There were numerous others like Steemit, but instead of flourishing, most of them ran out of business in a short time.

This is because content sharing and the reward system are difficult to sustain, especially when you want it to be more gratifying. Here are some of the problems that these platforms faced and made them unable to sustain the system.

  1. Poor funding- this is one of the major problems faced. To maintain a paying platform for content creators, the content terminal must be well-financed. A concrete financial backing ensures the successful execution of the project and the ecosystem.
  2. Poor management- this is another problem that’s commonly faced by novice blockchain content sharing terminals. Building any content sharing terminal needs devotion as a carefully crafted out ecosystem should be carefully drawn out and implemented. Poor management means that the terminal won’t be as successful as the creators want it to be.
  3. Poorly designed ecosystem- this one here is the gravest problem that faces start-ups created for content sharing. Incentivizing the users of the content sharing terminal with real cash is a pressure on the sustainability of the project.

All the existing content sharing terminals have an existing issue that either prevents them from expanding or doesn’t fit what the users need. There’s an issue where the new users are receiving little to no reward when they create and post valuable and engaging content.

These social systems are centred on social recognition; it’s only the users with the most followers who receive the reward. But for novice users, recognition and having many followers is quite a hurdle. It’s often difficult for new users to get rewarded compared to those who already have built a reputation on the platform.


CBerry Protocol integrates a dense network that will supply the best and the most recompensing content creation reward platform on the blockchain. It has a stiff protection against reward devaluation and long-term hitches that have overwhelmed other related platforms.

The CBerry Protocol was premeditated after learning the complications encountered with other content creation platforms and then scrutinized by skilled sponsors so that the best conceivable platform is delivered.

CBerry’s environment will condense reliance on the acknowledgment system so that users and content creators are rewarded properly; this will be reached by using secondary actions to support the credit of new users.

The content creation terminal will influence the Decentralized Finance protocol of the Swap and Loan system to provide in-trend services to users and, by that, safeguard the network’s solidity.

Reward tokens in the CBerry network will be highly urbanized and maintained; many solid partnerships attained for these tokens will ensure their liquidity, usability, and real value.

The terminal won’t be segment biased so that legal contents will be permitted and all the benefits of decentralization relished by the users.

All content types will be braced; this will include; audio, text, and video.

The tokens in the CBerry network will power the whole ecosystem. These tokens are the CBerry token (CBY) and the CBerry Reserve Token (CBR). They help alleviate minting and the market aftermath on each token.


After registering on the platform, you’ll be able to create and post your content on CBerry. The more likes you get on your published content, the more you’ll earn rewards on that post.  This reward is often paid in CBY and CBR tokens. Afterwards, the total amount is often distributed to both you and the ones that have liked your post after seven days of the post creation.

Unlike other content sharing terminals within this sector, after creating and posting your content, you’ll be tipped with CBY, CBR, and BNB tokens after a grace period of seven days. This allows you (the author) to continue earning on the post as long as it still exists on the terminal.

When you create and publish a post, the other users can either like or dislike the post. Liking the published post allocates some USD amount to the total earnings of the post.  Disliking the published post removes some tokens from the total post-earnings. You (the author) and your likers share the total tokens earned on the post after the grace period (seven days).

Something worth noting; the likes and dislikes will not deduct any amount from the people who have liked or disliked the published content. The amount to be awarded is solely allocated from the CBY and CBR token supply.

The calculation on what a post gets is often based on the likes and disliker’s balance.

CBerry’s users can always tip the post even before the grace period (seven days), and this period is also known as the earning distribution period. In the case of a tip, the amount will be deducted from the user that tipped the post and sent directly to the author that posted it.

There’s a limit to the number of published content, likes, and dislikes a user can execute in a day. This limit is calculated from the user’s CBY token balance, and the calculation will be explained in a short while.


The members of the network like and dislike power is calculated on the user’s CBY balance that’s locked on the protocol. Here’s how the calculation takes place:

When someone from the network likes the post, a specified amount is added to the earnings of the published content. And when they dislike the published content, a specified amount is deducted from the total earning of the published post. These calculations are based on the CBY token balance of the members who like or dislike the published post.

Here’s an example of how an amount added to a like looks like:

Current USD value 0.2% of liker’s CBY token balance.

And here’s an example of how an amount deducted from a dislike looks like:

Current USD value 0.2% of disliker’s CBY balance.

Something worth noting here is this amount isn’t deducted from the liker’s or the disliker’s token balance of CBY. This balance is just used to calculate what to award to the published content. The amount given is assigned from the CBY and CBR supply assigned to the network.



After the given grace period (seven days), the published post rewards are divided to the author (post’s writer) and the ones that liked that published post. The post’s writer often receives eighty per cent of the total earnings.  Those that have like the post share the remaining twenty per cent according to the rules of sharing tokens set on the platform. A good way to do cryptocurrency investing without having to buy any crypto, don’t you think?


All in all, this was to show you that aside from CBerry, there are other platforms just like it that allow you to earn crypto tokens while doing what you love- creating and sharing content. Aside from that, if you are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency investing but don’t desire to trade any cash or buying crypto, then this is the best alternative for you. In the world of cryptos, there are a lot of ways you can make a profit from simply doing cryptocurrency investing. And this doesn’t necessarily mean trading or holding crypto. You can simply create and share valuable and informative content to earn crypto as well.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor. 



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