Even with all its popularity and global reach, the adult industry faces many challenges. These problems directly affect consumers and performers, while enriching large production and distribution companies. There are a lot of companies that do not offer payment processing services for adult content websites and services, which results in very high transaction fees for companies that do support adult content. There are many startups that are aiming to solve the problems facing the adult industry. One of the finest projects has been launched by the Jacquie & Michel Group.

Jimizz will be offered across the entire Jacquie & Michel porn ecosystem. 

Having more than 10,000 exclusive videos, Jacquie & Michel already has a rich adult industry projects portfolio. Jimizz is a welcome addition to their collection. The adult industry has several problems, which Jimizz offers a solution for. 


Why is Jimizz essential for content creators? 

Sex workers have historically encountered censorship difficulties and have turned to cryptocurrency. Additionally, sexual workers have faced difficulties maintaining a presence on large platforms like Instagram, where they are often shadow-banned, and their content is closely regulated. This project is community-owned and can be used in many ways. The following are a few reasons why investors should consider investing in Jimizz.

Earn interest on your Porn Savings Account

The owners of JMZ tokens have the opportunity to earn interest by putting their tokens in a porn savings account. On the blockchain, a smart contract will govern the X-savings account. As time passes, interest will accumulate on tokens deposited in an X-savings account. The X-savings account enables Jimizz to establish a place for itself in the growing DeFi ecosystem by following the principles of staking.

Marketplace for NFT

The NFT market has been filled with several marketplaces that allow people to buy and sell NFTs. Jimizz will open its own marketplace to connect investors and creators of adult content. The Jimizz NFT Marketplace aims to bring together adult content creators and digital currency enthusiasts to create and trade top NFTs. Through the marketplace, the JMZ currency will be used to create auctions, and bid on and acquire NFT. 

Participate in community discussions

This feature of the JMZ sphere is similar to participatory funding sites, and creators can propose projects and ask the community for funding. For example, a young filmmaker with great ideas but no contacts in business could ask the community to provide funding for one of their videos by making incentives available. Through this method, producers can also finance equipment purchases for their fan base, thereby providing better content for them.

Encourage content creators

According to the director’s choice of payment method, JMZ owners can support creators they like, become producers, and profit from their investment. J&M will purchase the most popular content within the community and make it available on the group’s websites.

Holder Assembly

Jimizz has created a currency intending to empower investors and ensure they have a sense of responsibility. So, they created a platform so that Jimizz token holders could participate in decisions related to the token.

Owners of Jimizz may, for example, choose the charitable organisation that will receive funds raised by the sale of JMZ on the J&M ecosystem. As part of the Holder Assembly, editorial decisions for Jacquie & Michel’s productions will also be considered. Investors can also select the themes for the next Élite film, the cover for the next Hot Video, highlight the next Cum-Unity project, and more.

Integration of Metaverses

What are the uses of this token?

The Jimizz cryptographic token will initially be created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. BSC offers a lower transaction fee and faster transactions than Ethereum since it uses stacked proof-of-stake authority (PoSA) as a consensus mechanism. YCharts estimates that BSC has over 12 million daily transactions due to this advantage. The BSC community has grown rapidly in recent years, with over 2 million members. 

Benefits of Jimizz Token 

The Ecosystem of Jacquie & Michel

There is a lot of premium content on J&M websites. Accessing that content requires a subscription. However, all J&M websites will offer you access to exclusive content and discounts with the JMZ token.

Rewards for staking

Jimizz allocates about 7.5% of their tokens for stake campaigns, airdrops, or savings. Owners of JMZ tokens will receive these tokens in the form of interest or an airdrop over time. The limited reserve will be used until the Jacquie & Michel sphere makes it feasible to finance these stake campaigns and X-savings sustainably through transaction fees on the sale of NFTs or the use of services.

Bonuses and referrals

During the ICO, there will be a referral system. After the sponsoree makes a valid transaction, the sponsor and the sponsored will receive 1,000 JMZ each. 

Jimizz developed the 69 Club to give investors a lot of benefits when they invest. Members of the 69 Club NFT will benefit from several benefits, such as a percentage off of content purchase.

A currency for users and investors

Jimizz aims to be a popular, accessible currency that entitles its members to special benefits. The NFT Marketplace will be launched in a phased manner, starting with the 69 Club, which will be made available to 69 NFTs. On the J&M platform, these tokens will be used to receive a percentage of every service purchase. Holders of Jimizz tokens will have unlimited access to all sites, benefiting from various advantages linked to the use of the currency.

J&M plans to launch an innovative NFT Marketplace. To get started right away, exclusive content will be made available for purchase as soon as possible. Additionally, they’ll include more content in the future. In addition to the very first J&M video, you will receive a Hot d’Or statuette and unlimited lifetime access to our videos.


As part of its transition into the world of cryptocurrency, Jacquie & Michel has created its own token, the JMZ. It was launched on Binance Smart Chain to educate users. For Bitcoin and Ethereum, the native networks are too slow and too expensive to adapt quickly to different uses. Nonetheless, Jimizz’s choice of Binance Smart Chain is logical since Binance has a solid reputation for fast transactions with low fees and a secure environment.  

Jimizz is unquestionably blazing a new path in adult content. Blockchain technology is the reason for this innovative business model. It is proof that technology will continue to develop. The team that created Jimizz consists of experts from different backgrounds. With the decentralised features and benefits associated with blockchain, Jimizz has created a new level of user experience for content creators and viewers. The project appears promising and can be invested in.

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