Climate change and rising energy prices are now making green technology more important than ever. Needless to say that entrepreneurs and investors stand to gain from green technology business ideas to serve a growing market need. Investments in these technologies are crucial for developing sustainable solutions and moving towards a more eco-friendly future.

In fact, the market for CleanTech investment was as big as US $2 trillion in 2022, including investments in environmental protection and reducing emissions of pollutants. Such technologies include air and water purification, energy efficiency, waste management, and other solutions. The global shift to green technology is associated with the process of moving towards a more sustainable world, necessitated by growing population and resource demand.

According to some estimates, the total investment market volume in decarbonization is expected to reach US $200 trillion by 2050. This includes investments in technologies such as renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and other solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These investments aim to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce environmental pollution.

The green technology investment market was valued at US $1 trillion in 2020-2021. These investments include investments in technologies such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and ‘smart cities’.

According to McKinsey estimates, the annual investments in energy supply and production could double by 2035, reaching approximately US $1.5 trillion, and may increasingly shift towards fossil fuel processing and decarbonization technologies.

While capacity and reliability constraints may slow the adoption of environmentally friendly energy, growing capital costs and increased regulatory support can help in increasing the adoption.

Nevertheless, all the above data and developments indicate the growing importance of green technology into a more eco-friendly future. The potential economic benefits of investing in green technologies are enormous and include, among other things, job creation, increased economic competitiveness, and reduced electricity costs.

Meanwhile, Web 3.0 technology represents the next step in the evolution of digital systems, based on decentralization of internet resources and the widespread use of blockchain technology.

Development of Web 3.0 is driving explosive growth in venture capital investments and such investments in crypto projects grew eightfold to US $34 billion. The integration of green technology and Web 3.0 has enormous potential, as it can provide a number of advantages in important sectors of the economy such as manufacturing, energy, finance, trade, healthcare, research and many others.

Blockchain technology has special prospects in the energy sector and investments in blockchain technology in the energy market were valued at US $472.6 million in 2021. The market is set to grow to US $42.7 billion in 2030, representing an average growth rate of 75.2 per cent every year.

The goal of the BASA ecosystem is to commercialize intellectual property in the green technology and blockchain industries. It plans to create a unique ecosystem that helps inventors as well as investors find each other and to assist the community in increasing their income.

The Basalt Coin project is aimed at bringing benefits to a wide range of individuals who are interested in the development of green technology and Web 3.0. It provides the opportunity to invest in projects and earn on them and on Decentralised Finance (DeFi), in addition to realizing their creative and professional potential.

The Basalt Coin project is based on the idea of early finance, which is collective venture capital investment of a wide variety of investors in early stage projects through selection, development and investment in objects of intellectual property.

The project enables venture entrepreneurs and investors to invest their capital and resources in green technology and Web 3.0 projects with high profitability and to reduce investment risks through staged investment and project acceleration.

Meanwhile, project users who are investors can not only invest in green technology and Web 3.0 projects, but also earn money on financial services in the Basalt Coin ecosystem and participate in project development through voting in the DAO community.

Simultaneously, the possibilities of smart contracts on the blockchain are explored, along with the approaches of the venture capital industry to provide high control and simplicity of collective asset management within the DAO community. The main objects of investment are conscious investment projects aimed at environmental protection, thereby improving the quality and safety of life.

Incidentally, collective investments in new technology or products happen at the stage of monetizing the corresponding IP objects. It is when the ability to distribute investor risks and support projects becomes especially important.

Each project has entities. That is the main activity of the project. Many ecosystems have a weak relationship between entities. So, If one thing doesn’t work, the whole project doesn’t work. The BASA ecosystem has built an economic model that allows it to navigate and be a successful project in any market. Moreover, each entity of the project is utilitarian and can be a separate source of income, which ensures hedging the investments of the community.

The Basalt Coin project enables investments in green technology and Web 3.0 by making it more accessible and secure for all investors and ecosystem users. This is regardless of the size of their investments and their professional experience in venture capital investing.

The transparent and decentralized approach to investment management through the DAO community allows investors to make collective decisions and vote on proposals, influencing the development of projects and the generation of income from investments.

Some of the main upcoming products in the BASA ecosystem are as follows:

BASA Wallet – The BASA Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet that provides secure storage of assets and full control over them. It is a non-custodial wallet with a variety of functions including automated and arbitrage trading and is linked to its hard wallet.

BASA DEX4 Exchange – The BASA ecosystem will also have its own decentralized V4 exchange very soon. DEX V4 is a unique DEX exchange of the Basalt Coin ecosystem for fast, efficient and secure transactions using a simple and user-friendly interface, that is typically available on centralized crypto exchanges. .

One of the main advantages of the BASA DEX V4 is its decentralized character, which enables that assets are not stored centrally even during the transaction process. This ensures that users can always be confident about the safety of their assets. Another advantage is the lower cost, which effectively reduces trading costs and makes BASA DEX more accessible to a wider variety of users with different income levels. Besides, there is the ability to trade in the order book or liquidity pool in a centralized manner. This provides users with liquidity and makes trading more efficient and convenient.

BASA Card – The Basalt Coin project will introduce BASA Cards in association with partner banks. These cards will serve as a physical crypto card of the Basalt ecosystem. It will help community members pay with minimal gas fees, receive cashback and exchange their crypto assets instantly. The card provides security by using advanced encryption technologies and also provides a wide range of functionality for user convenience.

The general process of diving into green technology or blockchain intellectual property monetization projects in the Basalt Coin ecosystem is made up of four stages. However, it is pertinent to note here that the process of working with individual projects within the Basalt Coin ecosystem may have its own peculiarities, depending on the uniqueness of the project and the tasks of the participants. Nevertheless, the four stages are as follows:

  1. Application – The first stage of working on a project involves submitting an application for intellectual property and examination of these applications by experts from BASA Fund and the DAO community.
    The expert examination process includes evaluating the novelty and originality of the project and ensuring that it complies with legislative requirements for protecting intellectual property.
    The inventions will also be rated based on the evaluation system of intellectual property, which in turn, will be based on their commercial value, readiness level and industry focus. This system factors in the essence of the invention, the project’s market potential, project profitability, project payback period, readiness of the invention and business packaging of the project, and other important factors for the project’s success.
  1. Intellectual Activity Result (IAR) – At this stage, the intellectual property object is recorded in blockchain metadata by creating an NFT or a collection of NFT linked to the intellectual property and its brand.
    This allows the inventor’s primary authorship of the intellectual property to be established, which subsequently simplifies the registration of all related property rights to the project, filing a patent application, etc. Such an approach ensures the protection of intellectual property and provides a basis for further project development.
    Also at this stage, the development of a project’s launch strategy begins, as well as the study of potential ways to monetize the project, including organizing initial interaction with the potential audience and project partners.
  1. Project – At this stage, the project is being prepared for launch, including the organization or restructuring of the company and the development of a more detailed project implementation plan, which is crucial for its success. The main funding is attracted at this stage to launch the project, the main investment agreements are concluded and the main team is formed to launch the project.
    Besides, if the project is related to Web 3.0, the token sale rounds for the project can be organized on the BASA GREEN launchpad. .

The core mission of the BASA ecosystem is to make the launch of technological start-ups public, mass and successful. It also aims to create opportunities for fair distribution of income and joint contribution to green technology and Web 3.0 globally for the benefit of society, environment and economy.

It will strive to help start-ups and inventors get the necessary capital to implement their ideas, while providing equal access to investing in promising and lucrative projects and earning opportunities to a wide range of people.

The vision is to give technology inventors and innovative start-ups the opportunity to earn using Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tools and make a joint contribution to the benefit of the environment and society. 

The Basalt Coin project is fully backed by a strong team of talented professionals, with Alexander Vitkovskiy as the founder and Thomas Hill as the co-founder and CEO. Vitkovskiy has more than 14 years of experience in project management, problem solving and stakeholder management with multi-domain expertise in business psychology, business administration and IT. Hill, meanwhile, has more than 12 years of tech expertise in Silicon Valley and has also launched ventures in crypto and blockchain.

The other prominent members of the team are Orest Maichub as the CMO, Igor Boklazhuk as the business development advisor, Pavel Pomazanov as the advisor in development and CTO while Vladislav Rutskiy as the advisor in economics and the CAO.

While eco-friendly solutions may have once been considered fringe, they have now entered the mainstream, as all nations collectively work to tackle climate change. The falling costs of generating sustainable energy is also helping drive mass adoption of green technology..

Partnerships between companies, investors and green technology start-ups will become more prevalent and frequent going forward. Therefore, innovation will increase across a range of clean technology solutions.

Besides, there is no indication that green technology and venture capital investing will slow down. Hence, it is time for inventors, start-ups as well as investors to capitalize on this sector.

The Basalt Coin project is an ecosystem and a unique solution where technology creators and projects in green technologies attract the necessary resources to implement ideas. It also helps investors gain access to projects with the low entry threshold, earning and influencing the development of green technologies as a whole. It is a project where visionary investors are celebrated for the transformative projects that they bring to life

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