Even though the sex industry is a billion-dollar industry, it has still been sidelined with many controversies. Ironically, the sex industry plays a huge influential role, especially in the US economy, and yet it is one of the most forgotten industries. The consumption of sex in terms of products and services continues to be on the rise. According to Allied Market Research, the sex industry generated up to $200 billion in 2020. The number is set to rise in 2021.

Sex is deemed illegal in many areas, with adult content censored in some regions. This has crippled the growth and development of the industry. Sex workers, in most cases, have been unable to live everyday lives, with many not even having a quality standard of life. 

Luckily, blockchain technology has brought a solution to many problems facing industries, including the sex industry. With blockchain, there is the decentralisation of services offered by sex workers, which means they can have better working conditions and fairness and transparency. Blockchain promotes safe transactions, easy distribution of adult content, and better management of the adult industry, which is not affected by legal authorities in different areas.

What is the bitcci system IT platform?

Which legal problems does the sex industry face?

The industry faces so many challenges that strain its development. In most places, sexual services are considered illegal, which means there are no regulations and laws that govern sex workers. 

As much as in some places, sexual services are legal; in some, they have not been accepted, meaning once you are caught, you can be punished as it’s an offence.

The sex industry is regarded as a shadow economy, and thus, sex workers in most cases cannot access social security services and tax advice.

In addition to that, most of them do not have any training programs to improve their services. It makes sex workers live in poor conditions, and thus, they do not have security for their health or pension. The primary reason is that the industry is not stable and is not accepted. Since the sex industry does not receive global recognition, most workers cannot optimise the services.

The bitcci platform is a blockchain-based platform that governs sex workers and ensures they can achieve their rights. The bitcci cash token manages the platform and is used for transactions within it. The token cannot be used for any third-party services that are not part of the bitcci ecosystem. It is used for buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies. 

How does bitcci comply with legal authorities?

The bitcci ecosystem was primarily created to address the problems faced by sex workers. That means it has put different measures in place to deal with the issues for a thriving sex community. 

The bitcci group AG combines three public stock companies and the brand, and is working to establish two or more companies under its name. An IT company in the Crypto Valley releases the ICO of the network payment token used to pay for all services in the ecosystem. bitcci as a platform was created to solve the challenges faced by the sex industry through its innovative culture of acceptance, trust, reliability, and self-determination. Decentralisation ensures that the participants are in charge of the platform and hence are more safe and secure.

Apart from the different transactions on the website, the ecosystem is planning to launch a regulated chain of exclusive nightclubs in the hotspot areas globally. This will increase revenue streams for sex workers and help them access international clients. The platform is working on a network of nightclubs that coordinates closely with authorities. They plan to start with the European Union, where it plans to launch up to 10 nightclubs by the end of 2022.

In addition to apps and portals, it provides a blockchain-based payment service for all next-generation sex services in the ecosystem. This will help sex workers in doing transactions. 

Through the bitcci platform, the sex industry will achieve safety, freedom, and compliance with the law. The company has established on its platform’s nightclubs application and blockchain-based payment solutions.

Since most sex workers cannot attain any training programs, bitcci is working on creating significant opportunities for training. This is important for them to achieve a high work-life balance. The training opportunities will help sex workers to deal with formalities and language barriers. This will reduce the costs and possible sanctions from authorities. bitcci is based on a decentralised platform, which means that sex workers can use their smartphones to control the different processes on the platform.

The platform will also provide sex workers with tax advice on payment, official registration, and promotion services. As soon as they sign up with a platform, they are eligible for professional photographs and marketing assistance for their services. In addition to that, bitcci AG plans on giving sex workers pension funds, telemedicine, and drug counselling. The club building will be created with state-of-the-art equipment with high security for personnel and technical services. 

In Europe, over 60% of sex workers come from eastern and central Europe with a five-figure salary. Due to the laws in the respective area, they are unable to live everyday life. The bitcci platform is developing a new banking solution so that workers can have better stability and control over their savings and spending. This would be an ideal solution for the workers, considering that most of them do not have bank accounts due to the regulations in their respective areas. 

So far, the company has done a beta test where it has installed bitcci ATMs in clubs so that any workers in the clubs can deposit money, and it instantly reflects in their bank account.

Although most Central European workers earn decently, most of them don’t have pensions. The firm will partner with licensed partners to offer education through the bitcci Academy, which will help them get pensions in the near future. With that, sex workers will be able to make safe and secure foundations for their retirement easily. Some of the lifestyle benefits bitcci workers will enjoy from the platform include flexibility in choosing the workplace, price, working hours, a client, services to offer, mobility, accommodation area, sports offerings, relaxation programs, mobility, and holiday and leisure offerings. 

So far, the Swiss company has been received well in the market. During its presale, all the tokens were sold out in two weeks. This made the company raise one million CHF in 15 days in July 2021. The company plans to use the presale amount to build brand awareness and remodel its headquarters in Switzerland.

The company has partnered with different blockchain associations in Europe and is currently successfully operating four sauna clubs in Switzerland to ensure its success.

The company plans to buy ten plots of land in Europe and open five nightclubs so that sex workers can get more compensation. The company plans to improve its application and website to have an outstanding customer experience. Even though the app is still under maintenance, the company hopes to host up to one million sex workers registered for sex by the end of 2022.

To maintain credibility, the bitcci AG needs the customer and the staff to have a respectful relationship. All sex workers registered on the platform get a guarantee of security and support whenever it’s needed.

What is bitcci’s method of earning income?

The bitcci ecosystem has come up with a solid revenue strategy that entails mainly four avenues. Earning revenue is essential for running operations smoothly on the platform.

The platform will charge club entry fees for guests and sex workers. So far, from its current partner club operations, it can make up to 50CHf from guest entrance and up to 150 CHF from sex work entrance. From the sauna club, there is a capacity of up to 150 guests per day and a projected monthly revenue of between 160K and 300K CHF, leading to a yearly profit of up to 1.4 million CHF. From the bitcci contact bars, there is a potential of up to 30 guests per day, with a projected monthly revenue of up to 80k CHF and a yearly profit of 300k CHF.

Another stream of revenue will be from the sale of online services by sex workers in the ecosystem. By selling ads to sex workers, the platform will generate 60%, which it will retain, while 40% will be paid as commission. From live communication services such as chat and videos, the company will give 70% of the money generated to the sex worker, 20% to commissions, and retain 10% of it. Selling digital content in the bitcci cloud is another obvious way of getting money. From that, the company will retail 10% of the content sales. bitcci plans to sell club management software licenses to international nightclubs, sex studios, escort agencies, and operators of keyhole apartments. There, it plans to charge between 0.1% and 3%, depending on the agreement.

The third stream of revenue will be from fintech services. This is where it will earn from charging annual fees for bitcci debit cards, premiums, and handling fees in addition to insurance commissions and fund fees for the case of old-age pension plans with bitcci funds.


Beyond reasonable doubt, blockchain is a game-changer for the sex industry. The possibilities of blockchain are getting broader every day. The best part is that the innovation favours the sex industry as sex workers can now enjoy the industry’s lucrative opportunities. 

bitcci took advantage of blockchain technology to solve challenges facing the sex industry. With the innovation onboard, clients can enjoy more customers, wealth generation, access to training, savings and pensions, international reach, and debit cards for transactions. They can better their quality of life by efficiently planning for their future with health insurance and pension plans. More nightclubs mean that it will be easy to access or offer sex services. It also translates to rapid growth as the company is using affiliate programs, such that nightclubs will get a commission from the clients they bring. With the different strategies in place, the platform will scale fast in a short time. Scaling will give sex workers more opportunities to make money. 

It is clear that the sex industry has taken a turn-around, and it is headed for the skies. 

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