Blockchain, as a technology, is immensely capable of transforming the healthcare space, thus placing patients right on top of the ecosystem. Blockchain in healthcare can increase the security, interoperability, and privacy of medical data. It has the potential to offer a fresh model for the exchange of health information by ensuring that electronic medical records are more secure, efficient, and disintermediated.

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So, if you are specifically searching for projects that are based on the blockchain in the healthcare space, then AtromG8 is the right choice.

Blockchain in healthcare – ATROMG8 Explained

The concept of blockchain in healthcare is fast expanding and AtromG8 is one such project. It is essentially a unique ecosystem that has been designed as well as built on advanced software, conceived from multiple open source-based projects that have been launched in the past few decades as well as own innovations. AtromG8 is essentially a decentralized transactional platform that supports real-time transactions of digital token. The project was launched to support real-time communication, education, payments, and more while ensuring complete privacy and security of transactions.

Recent Partnership

In association with Accubits Technologies, AtromG8 has designed a scalable and robust system that can be used on its blockchain. This blockchain combines the EOS algo, MixNet communication framework as well as the LLARP routing launched by LOKI, strongly emphasizes on both data protection and privacy. Recently, the Department of Health in Kerala, India chose the AtromG8 blockchain framework for its E-health based pilot project. This project initially plans to maintain the health record of almost 35 million people on the ATROMG 8 decentralized blockchain which is highly secure, instead of just storing the same in any centralized framework that is prone to data and security breaches. The primary aim of the E-health pilot project is to ensure the highest level of data security as well as data accessibility for the medical records of all patients.

What is Blockchain?

Before we understand how blockchain in healthcare can benefit medical firms and professionals, it is important to understand the very concept of blockchain. In simple terms, blockchain is based on a distributed ledger system that is capable of storing transactional records. To be more specific, blockchain functions as an immutable and shared record of P2P transactions that are built from transaction blocks that are linked to each other, as well as stored within a ledger. Blockchain uses established cryptographic methods to permit every participant in the network to store, view, and exchange information, without impacting trust between different parties. Thus, in the blockchain system, there isn’t any centralized authority, instead, transactional records are distributed and stored across different network participants.

As far as blockchain in healthcare is concerned, it can help to unlock the true value of the ability of computer systems in exchanging and making use of data (i.e. interoperability). Put simply, systems that are based on the blockchain technology are capable of reducing or eliminating the costs and friction of existing intermediaries. Blockchain in healthcare has a wider implication for the stakeholders that form a part of the healthcare system. Taking advantage of this technology, healthcare firms and professionals can connect the fragmented systems and produce insights as well as improve their assessment of the true value of healthcare. In the future, a country-wide blockchain system for electronic healthcare records will help to improve efficiencies as well as support better health results for patients.

Blockchain in healthcare  – The Need for Storing Medical Data on Blockchain

Medical professionals can deliver their highest performance when they get to securely source and disburse health-related information. The existing centralized global medical record-keeping system is predominantly digitized as well as remains insecure because firms transmit vital medical data between platforms that are highly incompatible. With an ever-increasing patient count and according to the Electronic Health Records (HER) policies set by the health & family welfare Ministry in India, medical services providers are required to manage the humungous amount of health data regularly.

Thus, with an increase in the volume of data with every passing year, it gets difficult for medical clinics and hospitals to process as well as store data/information securely. There are multiple problems with how healthcare information is transmitted as well as stored today. Every medical facility or doctor, the patient communicates or interacts with usually maintain their copy of all the health information/data. As a result, proprietary methods, as well as healthcare privacy & security laws, make things extremely challenging for healthcare provides who find it difficult to share or coordinate information between healthcare professionals.

Blockchain in healthcare – This is where AtromG8 comes into the picture!

Storing healthcare data with the help of the AtromG8 decentralized blockchain can help transform this scenario, and this allows data/information to be easily shared on a trusted platform/network. The AtromG8 blockchain technology creates distributable and immutable medical information records which are further shared P2P between database systems in the network. Thus, the technology maintains a record of the digital events in a secure way so that it gets difficult to recognize or change the data until it gets to the recipient. This is precisely why one of the major advantages of AtromG8 is that it is based on the concept of maintaining data security and protection from data breaches and threats.

Hence, when medical data is kept on the blockchain, there remains a single source of trusted medical records as well as relevant medical data as and when required. Changing of data in a single ledger changes the same in each of the blocks on the blockchain. As a result, everyone who has access can look at these changes instantly. There is also wider access to shared sources since data get distributed between multiple ledgers and hence access can also be given to additional medical professionals.

Put simply, healthcare data can dramatically improve both cooperation and collaboration between healthcare professionals, thereby streamlining care, as well as providing improved healthcare outcomes.

Information sharing systems that are secure and enable both medical providers as well as their covered organizations to verify whether data is correct or not are important for ensuring adequate medical services. This is exactly where blockchain can be effectively used since it offers the huge advantage of data integrity. When data gets recorded as well as encrypted, it becomes difficult to alter or remove the same. One way in which blockchain approaches the recording as well as sharing of data in a secured way is by anchoring data/information to the publicly available blockchain. This method entails generating proof of data integrity. Using this particular proof, users can verify the information/data timestamp and thus requires no reliance on 3rd parties.

This transition of healthcare records into the blockchain helps to improve the exchange as well as the storage of highly sensitive data/information. The spread of medical information across the distributed network, consisting of numerous gateways as well as user validation, will enable the highest amount of security aside to user empowerment. This transition would permit the highest level of patient privacy and will increase awareness among them for preventive medicines.

How AtromG8 Data Security and Other Areas?

As already specified above, AtromG8 integrates multiple technologies, which help the firm to establish a safe and efficient ecosystem. Apart from being highly dignified, this system assists clients and people in many ways. The platform offers the ATROM token that can be used for sending as well as receiving data, costs of services, as well as compensation for numerous efforts that are made within the network by the community and node operators. AtromG8 allows its members to make the most of the opportunity of operating the ATROM software using any electronic device such as a tablet, desktop, or even mobile phone.

As far as AtromG8 is concerned, the firm emphasizes security, data protection, and speed. Thus, privacy protection at the time of the communication as well as transactions has influenced and guided the decisions taken in recent years. Thus, the AtromG8 has been designed and developed on the 5.0. Super Structure idea that brings along with it an excellent reward mechanism for participants and node operators for their exceptional efforts.

Blockchain in healthcare – Highly Secure Communication

All of us know that communication is important for the growth & expansion of our society. AtromG8’s communication is completely private, as the ecosystem uses modern technologies, offered by trusted firms in the market. For its member, AtromG8 offers a unique solution that revolves around MixNet that offers maximum security via different mechanisms as well as also includes metadata into their protection system.

Apart from this, AtromG8’s partnership with Acuubits Technologies has helped the firm to launch the globe’s first-ever enterprise blockchain-based satellite. The mission of this satellite is to send a lower earth-orbiting satellite (weighing 12kgs) for the establishment of an enterprise-based ledger that enables secure transactions for next-gen IoT & financial systems. This mission, also known as Chainsat, will send the satellite to the earth’s orbit by the third quarter of 2021.

Blockchain in healthcare – Conclusion

To sum up, there is no denying the fact that blockchain in healthcare offers immense opportunities for reducing complexities, enabling collaboration, and creating secure as well as immutable information. Also, AtromG8 addresses the requirements of a secure and ubiquitous network, verification, and authentication of every participant and more by building a highly secure, private, and fully interoperable ecosystem.

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