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What is Brise Paradise?

Brise Paradise is a hotel built on one of the inhabited islands of Maldives called Fares-Maathoda, located at a geographically incredible location with chains of uninhabited islands for your island hopping excursions. The phase 2 of the project will be a private decentralized resort island as a place for the international crypto community. The hotel and private island resort will have dedicated spaces and hubs for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This hotel aims to give crypto enthusiasts a unique hotel experience and an event venue where they can network, discuss ideas, collaborate, and hold events while the private island will explore these avenues at a larger extent.

Why Choose Brise Paradise?

Brise Paradise is a design that combines the major factors that make it stand out. It is one of the few projects not building blockchain-based projects but a holiday facility in one of the world’s most exciting Country. The BRISE chain was used to develop a startup project under Bitgert’s umbrella.

Things you can experience in Brise Paradise crypto space

Underwater Beauty

If you delve below the surface, you’ll discover an underwater universe filled with life, colour, and beauty. With Brise Paradise now, you’ll have access to some of the Maldives’ most breath-taking reefs.


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Pool Access

The hotel has a swimming pool so guests can enjoy the sun and water without stepping outside. Their hotel pool takes afternoon swims to a new level with stunning designs and luxurious features.

Brise Paradise Private Island Resort

The Maldivian resort offers exclusivity at its best. Visitors here can interact with like-minded crypto enthusiasts and experience everything a private island resort has to offer from restaurants and bars to luxury private villas and suits.

Free WiFi

They offer free WiFi daily to ensure everyone has access to the basics. Thus, you can keep in touch with family and friends and work when necessary. 

Discover uninhabited islands nearby on foot in shallow lagoons by island hopping.

What are the strategic pillars of Brise Paradise?

Every strategy relies on key pillars; these are the core priorities of your business’s underlying strategy and objectives. Here are Brise Paradise’s strategic pillars that give the project value:

Extraordinary Guest Experience

For businesses, extraordinary guest experiences will lead to more satisfied customers. Brise Paradise values your experience, and their priority is to make your stay a memorable experience. The hotel will continuously evaluate and improve its guest experience to ensure it meets or exceeds these expectations.

Community First

With a united community of cryptocurrency users, one can easily benefit from it and not lose hope. They know their projects wouldn’t exist without a strong community of users. Brise Paradise’s mission is to communicate with its supporters and be completely transparent in its activities. In Brise Paradise, people can connect with experts who can assist them with their projects and make them stand out from the rest.

Resilience and Persistence

What is the purpose of Brise Paradise being on Bitgert?

As one of the Bitgert-backed projects, Brise Paradise is doing extremely well in the cryptocurrency market. Part of this success is likely a result of the Bitgert network’s strong performance. The market capitalisation of this means that Bitgert has been one of the fastest-growing in recent weeks. Below are a few reasons why Brise Paradise is on Bitgert.

Bitgert is the fastest-growing ecosystem

One of the reasons for Brise Paradise being on Bitgert is its fast-growing ecosystem. The team has delivered many products and projects since Brise launched nine months ago. Brise Paradise will benefit from Bitgert’s multiple projects and products coming up within short timelines.

First blockchain with no gas fees

The Bitgert chain offers the first zero-gas fee chain. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the only one in the world that charges $0.0000000000001 for gas fees. This is the lowest gas fee in the world and the reason Brise Paradise is on the Bitgert chain. Through this system, users of Brise Paradise can conduct transactions at almost no gas cost.

What is the goal of Brise Paradise?

The Brise Paradise aims to empower cryptocurrency communities. With this project, people will adopt blockchain technologies more broadly and provide another use case for the technology. Brise Paradise will not only offer a great getaway and a place to network but will also participate in CSR activities to preserve the island’s natural beauty and marine life.


The popularity of cryptocurrencies is undeniable, but trading cryptocurrencies can be challenging for beginners. Thus, before investing in cryptocurrencies, it is recommended to analyse the return and invest strategically. If you’re interested in learning crypto or improving your trading ability, you’ll need a good environment where there are many experts. If you are interested in becoming a crypto professional, using the Brise Paradise hotel space may be helpful to exchange ideas and work on projects with other crypto experts. This way, you can get expert opinions on your crypto projects and investments.

The idea was to create Brise Paradise to bring together enthusiasts, novices, and traders. Anybody within or outside of the crypto community is welcome to join together for the same cause. Brise Paradise encourages everyone to take advantage of the hotel facilities available, whether they are DeFi farmers, crypto investors, or simply curious about blockchain technology.

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