With the disruptive impact of blockchain, the gaming industry is undergoing a profound transformation. The blockchain sector has seen exponential growth in the popularity of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. The new, ground-breaking development comes after pay-to-play and free-to-play games. Gamers can now earn money simply by playing, which is transforming the economic model. 

What is Chosen Ones?

Chosen Ones is the next generation Play-to-Earn NFT auto battler game on the blockchain. The game is developed in Unity and built on the Polygon(MATIC) platform. Chosen Ones Heroes come from the eight kingdoms of Godland and are unique ERC721 tokens. There will be a total of 10,000 characters in each series.

What makes Chosen Ones the next generation NFT game?

The Chosen Ones project is an exclusive Play-to-Earn auto battler game being developed by Fork Gaming. To make the next generation NFT games better, Chosen Ones will integrate the following features into their games.

Game based on DeFi

The DeFi space has seen many exciting developments, one of which is gaming, specifically Play-to-Earn games. The chosen ones will create open and community-driven NFT games using the DeFi approach. 

Legendary Hero Clubs 

There will be a launch of Rare NFTs, and each character will come with its own unique characteristics, skills, and abilities. The purchase of one of these gives you access to our exclusive Heroes Club. Joining the Heroes Club means you will receive special privileges that blow your mind and leave others speechless. By becoming a Legendary club member, you will receive exclusive rewards, participate in discussions, and support the games.


Smooth Gaming Experience 

Chosen Ones will design games with high-quality graphics to give gamers a world-class gaming experience. In addition, they will launch different and entertaining games. Furthermore, the company will add cool new features to the game, which will make it even better than other auto battlers.

Purchasing In-Game Items 

Traditionally, gamers buy in-game items through microtransactions and season passes. However, Chosen Ones NFT puts more power in the hands of the players. The game allows players to buy NFT items in-game, and they can resell them wherever they desire and even earn a percentage from future resales. Players who grew up selling old games to pay for new ones will find this a revelation in the age of digital games.

Gaming with High Security 

Chosen Ones NFTs based gaming solution will provide the highest level of security and reliability. With blockchain technology, gamers can rest assured that their digital assets are secure because an unbreakable layer of cutting-edge technology protects the wallet.

In-Game Currency 

The Chosen Ones will introduce Deflationary In-Game Currency to ensure stable prices.

Those who invest early on the platform will become exclusive participants in the airdrop. After completing certain milestones, the chosen ones will wind up distributing tons of airdrops to crypto holders.

How does a good gamer contribute to Chosen Ones? 

Good Gamer Entertainment, a public company, has partnered with Fork Gaming as their exclusive game development company. This allows Chosen Ones to easily develop next-generation NFT games. Good Gamer has contributed the following to Chosen Ones in NFT space.

NFT Character Generator 

Multiple layers of traits will be combined in the character generator to create 10,000 unique Legendary Heroes NFTs based on the Chosen Ones. Furthermore, in the future, they will create NFTs called Epic Heroes that will be used in-game and sold in their NFT marketplace. The characters generated by NFT represent the characters actually used by players in the Sandbox metaverse and in the game.

Machine for Minting Coins 

The NFT minting software will allow users to mint and purchase NFTs on chosenones.io’s website. To mint the coins, a smart contract will be created on the Polygon(MATIC) blockchain.

Auto-Battler P2E NFT Mobile Game

They are developing a Unity-based mobile game with auto-battle and auto-chess-style play. The game model allows players to engage in battle using their NFTs. They will play on a futuristic chessboard that looks like an arena. Additionally, players can earn tokens when they win battles.

Smart contract generators will help to create NFT certificates of ownership with smart contracts. In addition, when the game is launched, Fork Gaming will be able to create a DeFi staking product easily.

A brief overview of the Chosen Ones Private Heroes Club

The Chosen Ones Private Heroes Club will be open for registration in February 2022. The Chosen Ones will start sending out their first VIP invitations in a few days. Alara, Drakar, Aldair, and Rynn will be the first four Legendary Heroes released from the collection. These powerful characters have been produced with great detail. Nothing else has been produced like this before. In the future, players will be able to use them as avatars in the metaverse or by playing a Play-to-Earn auto-battler game.

There are 10,000 unique NFTs in this collection, so you can grab one or two for yourself earlier. Upon the issuance of these NFTs, membership will be closed, and you will no longer be able to collect. Chosen Ones will also offer exclusive benefits to their early investors. You’ll be rewarded as an early investor with free giveaways and airdrops. Moreover, you will gain access to a special membership club in the metaverse where you can meet and chat with other Heroes. In addition, you can participate in an exclusive AMA session with all of the team members to ask your questions. Those who invest early will also have the first opportunity to preview the alpha build of the game and can provide feedback and feature requests.

The Future Plans of the Chosen Ones 

The Chosen Ones have prepared a number of plans for the project’s future. The company plans to hold several giveaways based on milestones, including giveaways like the Bored Yacht Club NFT, Crypto Punks NFT, and the $20,000 ETH raffle. The Chosen Ones NFTs marketplace is set to launch in the second quarter, and the company will purchase space in metaverse.


People have been jumping on the crypto bandwagon thanks to NFT games because they offer good returns in the real world. It is more demanding because of scarcity, proven ownership, and the possibility of transferring assets to another party.

With the growing interest of billionaires and retail traders, Play-to-Earn have a tremendous opportunity to gain good traction in the gaming industry. Several games were being developed in 2021, and some are already available. Several NFT games will likely be released in 2022, including Chosen Ones Auto Battlers. Chosen Ones can therefore also benefit from an early mover advantage. Chosen Ones main goal is to make a game that will remain in the market for years to come. The team has been working hard to create a fun and unique game with many different features to achieve this goal. If you want to make the most of your investment, check out the project and invest in it.

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