What is Faerian?

Faerian is a gallery and community showcasing the best fantasy art worldwide. They offer a curated selection of artworks from fantasy artists who contributed to titles such as MTG and Lord of the Rings Online. The gallery features highly-experienced fantasy artists, including Winterkeep, Tomas Duchek, David Demaret, Linestyle Artwork, Jakub Jagoda, and Aelin Laer. The gallery currently offers art in the form of digital art, paintings, and jewellery.  In the future, they will include other forms such as writing, sculpture, photography, etc.

An Overview of Faerian’s Collection

Faerian fantasy world is co-created through the medium of art, and the first four collections comprise Genesis of Faerian. They will begin with Chapter 1 – Light, which features 22 artworks from six artists. Afterward, they will present Chapter 2 – Humanity, Chapter 3 – Darkness, and Chapter 4 – Waters.

The NFTs in Faerian’s upcoming collections are divided into four categories according to their rarity: Ultra Rare, Rare, Normal, and Twin. The Ultra Rare NFT has 11 editions per artwork, the Rare NFT has 30 editions per artwork, and the Normal NFT has 72 editions per artwork. Additionally, Twin NFTs are available in 22 editions. Some NFTs contain a crystal, symbolising a powerful force at the bottom designed to inspire people in daily life. Having this feature makes the card even more valuable.

What makes Faerian an excellent choice for art collectors?

The Faerian Gallery offers art collectors the opportunity to acquire original paintings, sculptures, and jewels made by the best traditional artists worldwide. Collectors can select from two types of NFTs: pocket-sized and full-size. Pocket-sized NFTs are designed for everyday collectors, with prices ranging from $30-$200. These pieces are cropped square versions of the full-size artworks, and owning them grants you the title of “Wanderer of Faerian.” They are perfect for collectors just starting to build their collections.

For seasoned collectors, the Faerian Gallery offers full-size NFTs. These NFTs allow art lovers to enjoy high-quality image files from some of the best fantasy artists in the world. In addition, owning a full-size NFT also grants collectors the title of “Guardian of Faerian,” which comes with exclusive perks and benefits that can’t be found anywhere else. 

As a Faerian Guardian, you become an official benefactor of the gallery. Your membership in the Guardian community will give you special voting rights in the gallery and exclusive access to the official Discord server. In addition, holders of NFTs will be able to participate in jury selections for different art contests and share their thoughts about the next collection in advance. The platform will also provide collectors access to private online events, such as meeting with artists. However, keep in mind that the “Guardian of Faerian” benefits are only available to full-size NFT collectors, not to pocket-sized collectors.

Why should Digital Fantasy Artists choose Faerian?

In recent years, there have been several record-breaking sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A few galleries have begun to understand the potential in this market and have created a section devoted to digital art. Through these authenticated, secure digital certificates, investors can acquire virtual art, giving digital artists a new source of income. With these art galleries, you can see paintings on TV screens and see them in person in a physical room.

Even though you can buy digital art on the web through art galleries, it might not be true for niche artists, such as fantasy artists. Most of these digital galleries offer pieces of art by the best artists, but they don’t categorise the art they feature. That’s probably why fantasy artists aren’t involved with any galleries today.

The solution Faerian offers is a special art gallery designed specifically for fantasy artists. They suggest you don’t need to sell your most epic battle scene to a videogame company since players will only see it for a few seconds during gameplay. Rather, it needs the right to be displayed and sold exactly as it is, just like Faerian Fantasy Gallery does. Moreover, Faerian understands that most artists don’t know how to create an NFT firsthand nor have the time to do so. Thus, they set up NFTs on artists’ behalf and with their permission, so they can focus exclusively on their art and not worry about what’s happening in the cryptocurrency market. 


Faerian is at the forefront of the fantasy art revolution, offering a platform for fantasy artists to showcase and sell their work to a global audience. They offer an excellent investment opportunity to both traditional and digital art collectors. With the power of NFT and crypto technology, Faerian is changing the way we interact with art, making it accessible and valuable to both artists and investors. As we move forward, it will be exciting to see how Faerian continues to shape the world of art and contributes to the growth of the NFT market. 

Join the enchanted world of Faerian and discover the magic of fantasy art. Follow their Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates and exciting additions to their fantasy art collection.

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