DDC: A Unique NFT Series from a WWII POW

It is believed that more prisoners (POW) were taken during the Second World War (WWII) than in any other conflict. When one of those POW becomes the oldest living NFT artist and creates a 3,000-piece NFT collectible series, it surely sets new world records.

Peace 101 is an art collection by 101-year old NFT artist Robert (Bob) McAdam, a PhD and a former WWII POW in Nazi Germany, a Purple Heart recipient and a lifelong University educator. He is no stranger to world records, as he has twice broken the world record as  a 5K athlete at the ages of 96 and 97 and a lifelong celebrated athlete.

Peace 101 is a profound call for global peace at its most central focal point, and it is a piece of history. The commemorative generative NFT art series collection is a collaboration featuring hand-painted art from McAdam with numerous digital features and overlays generated by the Digital Development Corporation (DDC), which completes the art.

DDC has assisted in creating the artistic story by digitally enhancing McAdam’s base image referenced in the art series. All pieces in this series will feature barbed wire encircling the peace sign, a bomber dropping doves, not bombs, and beams or rays, signifying hope.

There are brightly coloured graphics of the rays, which will change throughout the series, as will the various icons that express his life experiences. They include parachuting from a crashing plane, dog tags of war, combat boots, boxing gloves representing his boxing success in his youth and his boxing workouts at the age of 92, as well as running shoes to commemorate his two world-record breaking 5K runs at the ages of 96 and 97.

DDC and the NFT Creator

DDC is into proprietary creation of NFTs and provides consulting services and outsourcing for the development of third-party NFT projects. 

Even with the current crypto slump, DCC expects escalating adoption of NFTs as well as smart contracts that utilize the blockchain as a means of creating faster, safer, and more accurate commercial transactions. As adoption increases, blockchain and smart contract-based business transactions will become widely accessible for both individuals and companies alike.

The Peace 101 was created by McAdam’s, and the American war veteran’s collection is expected to appeal to a global audience. The interest in the digital collectible NFT space is almost as incredible as his own numerous accomplishments. 

Born in Chicago in 1920, McAdam is among the few surviving veterans of the WWII. As a navigator during the war, his bomber was shot down over Austria. Parachuting from the plane, he broke his ribs as he fell through trees, and suffered internal bleeding. He was captured and forced into the Nazi POW camp Stalag Luft 1 in Barth, Germany, until his liberation in 1945.

McAdam was awarded the Purple Heart for his injuries suffered from enemy action. Following his experiences in WWII, he earned his PhD in physical education and was a professor of kinesiology. He proved himself to be an accomplished athlete from an early age. In his high school years, he played in the city championship baseball team and won medals in boxing, an activity he continued into his 90s.   

In his 50s, he became a state Senior Olympic handball champion and also began to play racquetball. He went on to become a four-time world Seniors racquetball champion, and at the age of 85, he was inducted into the International Masters Raquetball Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. At 96, in an unsanctioned race, he broke the world record for the fastest 5K run in the 95 and older age group. A year later, at the age of 97, in a sanctioned race, he once again broke the world record for running the fastest 5K in the 95 and older age group.McAdam’s WWII POW experience and his desire for global unity make his NFT series Peace 101 particularly powerful.  You can buy the series on Opensea, beginning July 11th.

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