What is Ecudor?

Core Features of Ecudor Ecosystem


DAO Governance

DAO Governance is at the core of the Ecudor ecosystem. Thus, key decisions regarding the project’s future are made collectively. With this governance model, holders can regulate token investment, Bitcoin mining, reward distribution, and more.

Fully Decentralised

Ecudor is a fully decentralized investment platform that allows its investors through a marketplace to be able to buy and sell tokens directly between them, without going through an intermediary. One of the advantages of the marketplace is to be able to sell its tokenized assets (which generate interest) at a free price, while the platform sells a limited quantity of tokens at a fixed price.

ECOR Token

What makes Ecudor best for investors?

Bitcoin mining is one of the most lucrative ways to invest in cryptocurrency. However, Bitcoin mining does have several disadvantages, such as knowledge, high setup costs, and price volatility. Since this is a new technology, getting enough people familiar with relevant machines and mining techniques is difficult. The operation cost of mining Bitcoins is high, and high-end supercomputers are required. Miners cannot earn a profit without such robust equipment.

Moreover, one of the primary disadvantages of cryptocurrency is price volatility. Although the price was near $60k in January 2022, it has dropped drastically since then. Investing in mining without an expensive setup and skill is the best way to overcome all these challenges and become a successful investor. This is what Ecudor does!

Ecudor was built with one aim in mind: to give everyone access to Bitcoin mining. This way, investors can invest without worrying about mining-related constraints, only having to have Ecudor (ECOR) tokens in their wallets. The following are some of the key features of the Ecudor  platform:

Environmentally Friendly

The term Bitcoin is often used to refer to digital currency and to compare it to fiat currency controlled by central banks. It is the world’s most important cryptocurrency. Therefore, everyone wants to acquire it through trading or mining. Mining Bitcoins isn’t easy since it requires a supercomputer, an internet connection, and a lot of energy. Using energy means the process is environmentally unfriendly. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about energy, supercomputer skills, or anything else with the Ecudor ecosystem. Ecudor makes Bitcoin mining easy by utilising surplus renewable energy to mine Bitcoin in the most environmentally friendly way.

Trust & Transparency

The Ecudor platform does not have hidden fees or other advantages for anyone. In the Ecudor ecosystem, all supply is locked in smart contracts. To obtain ECOR, you must buy it, and each ECOR purchased is used to purchase ASICs. As a result, the interests are protected from dilution. A tracking system for ASICs purchases will be included in the application. The smart contracts will be public, therefore auditable and auditable, therefore everyone will also be able to ensure the transparency of the developments.

Safe & Secure

The security of the Ecudor platform is constantly improved by our technical staff, who audit the platform regularly. An external audit is also planned, so end users will benefit from high overall security.

Non-Custodial Platform

Ecudor is a non-custodial platform. As a result, you will have complete control of your tokens, your keys and, therefore, your funds.

Easy Wealth Creation

An overview of the ECOR Token

Ecudor’s governance cryptocurrency is the ECOR token, based on the ERC20 standard. Ecudor (ECOR) tokens represent ownership of a percentage of mining machines and, thereby, the ownership of the same percentage of the rewards associated with those machines. Mining rewards are transferred proportionately to Ecudor (ECOR) token owners transparently. 

There will be 210,000,000 ECOR tokens in total supply. It is anticipated that there will be ten batches of ECOR token sales, with the first batch available during the presale. Afterwards, it will be mandatory for the governance to vote on the release of other batches. There will be 21,000,000 ECOR tokens available in each batch. 

What is the goal of Ecudor?


More than a decade ago, mining Bitcoin with your personal computer was not a big deal. However, as Bitcoin’s value has grown, so has the competition for rewards, resulting in a race for faster and more powerful mining equipment. Investing in Bitcoin mining requires a great deal of equipment with high computational power and reliable Internet and electricity. Ecudor, however, eliminates all these requirements.

With Ecudor, investors can participate in Bitcoin mining with very low investment since the system tokenises Bitcoin mining machines. The ease of use of Ecudor makes it more valuable. All you need is a polygon blockchain wallet and an internet connection. A complete and ready-to-use platform is available. As an investor, Ecudor is your best choice if you’re looking for a project that generates good returns (even in bear market). Take advantage of the platform and invest in Bitcoin mining now!

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