The gaming world today faces a critical challenge – the lack of a truly unified gamer community. PvP Marketplace emerges as the solution to this problem, promising to transform the gaming industry. It connects gamers, games, creators, and advertisers in an integrated ecosystem. The platform goes the extra mile, offering social features that enable seamless interactions among users. Moreover, it opens doors to income opportunities through the PvP Marketplace and PvP Token. 

With 175,000 gamers already on board, PvP Marketplace aims to unite the gaming community. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the fundamental elements that the gaming ecosystem community requires and how PvP Marketplace is primed to meet those needs. So, read on.

PvP Marketplace is changing the gaming world for everyone – publishers, developers, creators, advertisers, and gamers. It’s a simple, all-in-one place that changes the way they work together, make things, and earn money. It’s a new kind of platform that brings together gaming and business, helping the gaming world grow and work together.

Helping Content Creators

Easy Money: PvP Marketplace is changing the gaming world. It helps streamers and artists show their skills and make money more easily. They can keep up to 80% of the revenue they generate on PvP.

Earning for Creativity: In PvP, creators get tokens for their content. This helps them want to do better because they earn more when they share more.

Grow Your Brand: With PvP Marketplace, creators can use their tokens to promote themselves. This is all in one place, making it more straightforward and building a community feeling.

For Gamers 

Welcoming All Gamers: PvP Marketplace brings in the “Gamer Economy.” It’s for all gamers, no matter what they like or how good they are.

Different Ways to Get Tokens: Gamers earn tokens in many ways, like through referrals, quests, and winning games.

Selling Game Items: PvP Marketplace offers gamers the chance to sell in-game items. Thus giving them a new way to make money from their gaming experiences.

Making Gaming Fair: PvP tokens empower gamers to easily access blockchain games, which usually have high barriers to entry. These tokens also let gamers unlock extra in-game features and buy new game items, making gaming rewarding for everyone.

For Game Developers and Publishers 

A Market for Game Products: PvP Marketplace creates an open marketplace for game items. This encourages developers and publishers to connect with the gaming community.

More Chances to Earn: Developers and publishers can sell, buy, and trade game items. This helps them get noticed and make money.

Partnerships: PvP Marketplace offers strategic partnerships that unlock more opportunities for developers and publishers. They get more chances to show off their game, boost game visibility, and earn profits.

For Advertisers 

Reaching Gamers: PvP Marketplace lets advertisers target a dedicated gaming audience. They can use ads and product placements to reach more people.

Ads That Pay: The platform introduces rewarded ads, benefiting users, advertisers, and publishers. Gamers receive PvP tokens for voluntarily watching rewarded video ads, encouraging full engagement with advertisements.

Win-Win Advertising: PvP Marketplace’s Advertiser Economy creates a win-win situation. Advertisers effectively reach their target audience, gamers are rewarded for their engagement, and publishers benefit from increased ad revenue. This innovative approach transforms advertising, promoting growth and innovation.

The PvP Token is the heart of the PvP Gaming ecosystem, acting as its social currency. It’s used within the PvP Marketplace, a hub where gamers, creators, and others in the ecosystem interact. Participants can earn, buy, and use these tokens for various activities and transactions. While basic access to the platform is free for everyone, the PvP Token adds value by enabling exclusive transactions and interactions. It’s a tool that not only facilitates trade and rewards within the marketplace but also strengthens the community by encouraging active participation and engagement in the gaming ecosystem.

Token Distribution – Initial

1. Strategic Reserve (50%): At the start, half of the token supply is kept in the Strategic Reserve. This large portion reflects PvP’s focus on long-term strategy and planning. The reserve is there to support the platform’s future needs, whether it’s for unforeseen challenges, expansion opportunities, or maintaining stability. It’s a critical resource for ensuring the platform’s longevity and success.

2. Listing PVP (8.1%): 8.1% of the tokens are dedicated to the Listing PVP. This allocation is specifically for the initial public offering of the PvP tokens. This portion is carefully chosen to balance the initial market supply without overwhelming it.

3. Airdrop (41.9%): A significant 41.9% of the initial token supply is allocated for Airdrop. This large-scale distribution aims to widely disperse the PvP tokens among potential users and supporters. It’s a strategy to build a broad base of token holders. This method also helps PvP in creating a diverse and decentralized token ownership.

Token Distribution After 4 Years

1. Staking Rewards (20%): After four years, 20% of the tokens will be allocated for Staking Rewards. This significant portion is dedicated to those who actively participate in staking, as a way to reward their long-term involvement and support. It reflects a commitment to those who help secure and maintain the network, acknowledging their crucial role in the platform’s ecosystem.

2. Airdrop (5%): 5% of the tokens are reserved for Airdrop. This is a PvP strategy to distribute tokens to a broader audience, often as a reward or promotional tool.

3. Usage Incentives (15%): 15% of the tokens are set aside for Usage Incentives. This allocation is meant to encourage and reward active usage of the platform. By incentivizing participation and engagement, the platform aims to boost its user activity and overall ecosystem health.

4. Community Pool PVP (5%): The Community Pool PVP receives 5% of the tokens. This fund is dedicated to supporting community-driven initiatives, events, and programs. It’s a way to invest back into the community, nurturing the platform’s growth and vibrant user community.

5. Strategic Reserve (33%): A substantial 33% of the tokens are held in the Strategic Reserve. This reserve acts as a safeguard for future strategic needs. It ensures the platform can adapt to changing circumstances, seize new opportunities, and address unforeseen challenges effectively.

6. Team (22%): Finally, 22% of the tokens are allocated to the team. This significant share is a recognition of the team’s hard work and dedication.

PvP Cumulative Supply Over Time

Seed & Private: This segment doesn’t release any tokens initially. The tokens are vested over 36 months, with a one-year lock and cliff period. After that, there’s a linear release over 24 months. This structure is designed to ensure long-term commitment from early supporters.

Listing: In the Listing segment, no tokens are initially unlocked. However, upon listing, 20% of the tokens are made available, followed by a linear release over the subsequent four months. This approach aims to balance immediate market impact with gradual distribution. As a result, it promotes stability as the tokens enter public trading.

Staking Rewards: For Staking Rewards, there’s no initial release of tokens. Instead, they are released linearly over 36 months. This method is set up to reward long-term participation in staking.

Usage Incentives: The Usage Incentives segment sees no tokens released at the outset. Tokens begin unlocking after a 3-month lock period, followed by a linear release over 36 months. This strategy is geared towards encouraging sustained use of the platform.

Team: The Team segment also starts with zero initial token release. The tokens allocated to the team are vested over 36 months, including a one-year lock and cliff period. This is followed by a linear release over the next 24 months. This vesting schedule aligns the team’s interests with the long-term success of the project.

Strategic Reserve: In the Strategic Reserve, 5% of tokens are unlocked at the Token Generation Event (TGE), with a strategic release over the next 24 months. This reserve is set aside for strategic purposes, providing the flexibility to address future needs and opportunities.

Airdrop: For the Airdrop, 4% of tokens are unlocked at TGE, followed by a 24-month linear release. This segment is designed to distribute tokens to a wide audience. Thus, this will increase token circulation and engagement within the community while promoting the platform’s visibility and adoption.

Community Pool: Lastly, the Community Pool segment does not unlock any tokens initially. Following a 3-month lock period, the tokens are released linearly over 36 months. This pool is intended to support community-driven initiatives.

The PvP token presale is now live, offering a fantastic opportunity for users to invest in this promising venture. With only 33% of tokens remaining, they’re available at a significant 76% discount on the future listing price. Once the seed phase concludes, all allocations will have a deal with a 60% discount. This is an exciting chance to be part of something big at a lower cost.

If you buy tokens now, you can stake them and earn up to 35% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) during the 3-year release period. This means you can earn back 105% of the tokens you bought just from the rewards. Plus, you’ll get a special investor badge on your PvP profile, showing everyone your support.

The involvement of Kava Labs as the lead investor is a strong endorsement of the PvP token. Kava Labs is a renowned player in the Web 3.0 and DeFi landscapes, known for its cutting-edge solutions and transformative approach. Their investment in PvP signals a strong belief in the token’s potential and the future of the platform.

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With such a simple investment process and a promising platform, there’s no reason to wait. Invest today and be part of an exciting future in gaming! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow with PvP.

PvP is building the ultimate gaming community and rewarding everyone involved – gamers, streamers, developers, and creators. With a vast selection of games and a massive, engaged community, PvP represents the future of gaming. PvP lets gamers seamlessly connect while rewarding contributions across its thriving ecosystem. From gameplay streams to game development, PvP spotlights community talent and passion. With solid backing from respected investors like Kava Labs, PvP also has the credibility and support for long-term dominance. As gaming grows, PvP grows with it through an emphasis on inclusion and rewards. This potent combination cements PvP as the frontier of gaming’s future.

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